King Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Cups

King Of Cups Upright Draw Keywords

emotional balance




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King Of Cups Upright Draw Meaning

Yes, the King of Cups does have ties with emotion, creativity, and the unconscious. That said, unlike the previous court cards, the King of Cups is restrained. It’s not an unhealthy repression of emotions. Instead, the King understands that wonderful things can be achieved with the perfect balance of heart and head. Thus, this individual can be considered a champion of understanding.

Should you be channeling the energy of the King of Cups, you’re an emotionally balanced individual with a firm grounding. You’re down to earth yet open to imaginative solutions to problems. As you deal with the obstacles life throws at you, a deep maturity gives you impressive navigation abilities.

Never stop asking yourself how you can develop a stronger sense of awareness. Never stop showing compassion. To do this, you have to learn where strong feelings originate from.

When the King of Cups is not you, a masculine person, usually older than you, will appear in your life. This individual will be slightly paternalistic yet sympathetic. They will be diplomatic yet politically correct, empathetic yet stern. Moreover, they will listen to your story when they must and respond in turn. Please do not turn away from this person, because you will need their aid very soon.

King Of Cups In Love and Relationships

Overall, the King of Cups in the upright position is a nice card to draw. The questions you have about a specific love interest or upcoming date are basically answered. When the King of Cups arrives, it means the person you’re interested in actually has neutral feelings for you. This isn’t really a bad thing, because it means this person sees you as a friend and won’t play with your heart. In fact, their presence might be what you need when looking for advice.

King Of Cups In Career And Finances

Similar to how the Queen of Cups reveals a female coworker joining your cause, the King of Cups boasts the same energy, but with a more masculine influence. A male boss or coworker is going to join your side, and you can trust in this individual to deliver some very helpful advice. When the King appears at work, it’s a surefire sign that the place where you find yourself now is bound to change for the better. Moreover, the King of Cups can give decent financial advice by pointing out that there is a need to be generous and spread the wealth, even when times are tough. By opening up your hands, you can both give and receive the bounty that is life.


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King Of Cups Reverse Draw Keywords





King Of Cups Reverse Draw Meaning

When an empathetic, controlled individual gets flipped upside down, they become something of a sociopath. This is more or less the reversed King of Cups. This individual is toxic, manipulative, controlling, and devious about it. You will find yourself entwined in their vindictive deeds. Perhaps, they have even blackmailed you into doing something that you would have done on your own. This situation is causing you to become emotionally wounded, and you’re becoming too weak to fight off the coercion.

You need to begin seeking a way out. The means are within reach.

The reversed King of Cups can also represent how someone who once had a good head on their shoulders can fall to ruin when emotions begin controlling them. This person will turn to delusions, alcohol, and other kinds of abuse to deal with their internal turmoil. Be careful of co-dependency in this situation. If this person is you, try to develop yourself rather than depending on others to help you with everything. It might be best to distance yourself from those you rely too much on to start cultivating your own independence.

King Of Cups Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Quit being emotionally manipulative. You may not know you’re doing this but now you do so cut it out. If you don’t make changes, this won’t end well.

King Of Cups Reverse Draw Career and Finances

It’s important to remain approachable and open at work. You may have been giving off some F-Off vibes and it may start to impact your career opportunities.

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Minors Cups C4 King

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For King Of Cups

Look to the expression on the King of Cups face. This is not the kind of person you would expect to find governing the cups. The cold grey throne, the king, is sitting on, and the waters around their feet reveal a stark contrast of inner peace and outer turbulence. Here is an individual who understands how much power they have, yet the responsibility of such power has yet to faze them. The King of Cups doesn’t let impulses control their desires.

The Muse of Tarot For King Of Cups

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Mirrovly - The Muse of Reflective Tarot Readings

Mirrovly wants you to honor yourself and to have authority over your own life. By being aware of what is driving your decisions, you can align your mind, body, and soul as you experience life. The King of Cups is an emotional authority and is an expert on honoring their own moral code and being there for those that they love, making them the perfect card for reflective Tarot readings.

About The Cups

The Cups are all about offering emotional fullness. The Cups embody emotion, mood and fantasy. They represent the emotional pathway to make choices and shed light on negative feelings that are blocking our personal growth and decision-making capabilities. The Cups are the element of water, the season of autumn, the direction of west and the colour range of blue.