Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Cups

Queen of Cups Upright Draw Keywords

emotional security




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Queen of Cups Upright Draw Meaning

Water has traits of being caring, nurturing, and sensitive. Thus, the Queen of Cups is thought to be similar. This ruler is a loving maternal figure who is emotionally balanced; they can connect with others in ways normal people cannot. Because of this, the Queen of Cups is often a healer, psychic, or therapist. They seem to have the right advice, no matter what the situation is.

You need a Queen of Cups. The good news is that this person has either arrived in your life, or you will be finding them soon.

Yet, the Queen of Cups is also indicative of someone who has lost contact with their intuition. You’re being called to look deep within, to unlock the mysteries hidden within the depths of your soul. Listen to the inner voice. Remember, sometimes thinking with heart instead of the head is the best way to move forward. If the logical approach isn’t working as you had hoped, you’re allowed to tune into your emotions.

Queen of Cups In Love and Relationships

This minor arcana card is all about a balance between love and fairness. When you draw this card, it means that your love life is going well. Your partner is very much in love with you, and the bond you share is gentle but unbreakable.

Queen of Cups In Career And Finances

At work, the Queen of Cups is quite liberal. Female energy abounds, even in men, and thus you will find the women in your life are much more supportive of you and your efforts. At work, for example, a female coworker might come to your aid when you need a helping hand. Perhaps, you might even be this Queen who shows fellow laborers kindness and compassion. As for finances, no matter what is happening, you might want to give yourself a break. In turn, this will cause your creativity to skyrocket, and you will begin to think of more ways to accrue money. Take advice from the women in your life. Positive movement will increase.


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Queen of Cups Reverse Draw Keywords





Queen of Cups Reverse Draw Meaning

Drawing the Queen of Cups reversed could also mean that your emotions have gotten uncontrollable. Instead of balancing your heart with your head, your emotions have devoured every sensibility. Don’t get lost in your dreams. When you find out these fantasies don’t actually exist, you could become emotionally unstable, suspicious, and withdrawal from society.

Look to the meaning of the upright Queen of Cups for answers. Now more than ever, a feminine healer or maternal figure could provide the correct advice to help you pull through these dilemmas or substance abuse. Listen well.

Queen of Cups Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Should you draw the Queen of Cups reversed, it means that there is a rift between the two of you. Therefore, the future of the relationship is very hazy. You don’t seem to be in sync or on each other’s wavelength anymore. Find a romantic activity that’ll bring you both together.

Queen of Cups Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Trust your intuitive hits when it comes to who you can trust at work. If someone feels shady, they probably are. Back away slowly.

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Minors Cups C3 Queen

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Queen of Cups

The lovely Queen of Cups presides overall emotions. This introspective ruler sits before the sea, and in her hands is a marvelous cup, shaped by wings. One should also be aware that the cup is covered, revealing that all deductions are coming from within. As for the sea and the elements found on the queen’s throne—this hints at a lucid, unconscious mind. The queen is placid and open to the world.

The Muse of Tarot For Queen of Cups

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Divina - The Muse of Prophecy Tarot Readings

This card indicates a strong connection of the heart chakra and the throat meaning our words are filtered through the love center first, even if the message is difficult to deliver. This card is also a loving reminder from Divina to ensure that your personal boundaries and energetic protections are tended to while you take on your work.

About The Cups

The Cups are all about offering emotional fullness. The Cups embody emotion, mood and fantasy. They represent the emotional pathway to make choices and shed light on negative feelings that are blocking our personal growth and decision-making capabilities. The Cups are the element of water, the season of autumn, the direction of west and the colour range of blue.