Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Cups

Seven of Cups Upright Draw Keywords





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Seven of Cups Upright Draw Meaning

If you seek to apply the image of the Seven of Cups to real life, then it would mean that you shouldn’t go grasping at illusions. Chasing dreams is permissible to an extent. Dreams can be beautiful, enticing, intoxicating, and ephemeral. If you get constantly caught up in dreams, then you will never be able to move on in real life.

Let your dreams become the source of your inspiration so you can begin building castles in real life. However, you have to be able to pick and choose without hesitation. Getting paralyzed by the vast number of choices you have will stop you from moving forward. Also, not carefully thinking about the pros and cons of every single option could lead you to a dead-end. No one delights in retracing their steps.

The Seven of Cups is also a card for wishes. Though each cup is filled with things everyone wishes for, like wealth, beauty, and power, the end result is not always a good one. All blessings are mixed. Be careful what you wish for. Avoid temptation for a time, because it could land you in a place where you shouldn’t be, such as rehabilitation or in an extramarital affair.

Seven of Cups In Love and Relationships

The Seven of Cups implies that the relationship between two people, usually lovers, is incomplete in some way. You’re not working realistically, yet something keeps the two of you from falling apart completely. Perhaps, the reason the two of you’re together is to fulfill some kind of need, such as sex, money, or power. Unfortunately, this kind of unification will only hurt the two of you in the end. It’s best to read the signals clearly and decide whether this type of relationship is what you desire.

The Seven of Cups can also mean someone who likes to play the field and seek multiple partners.

Seven of Cups In Career And Finances

Your career might seem like it is currently “too good to be true.” That is because it probably is. Be careful with who you trust and where you spend your money. It is important that you keep focused on the details before you rather than daydreaming because if you don’t keep an eye on what’s happening, you will have the proverbial rug pulled out from underneath your feet. If you are considering making investments, now is not the time to do it independently. Consult with a professional who can help you make the correct decisions and boost the returns.


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Seven of Cups Reverse Draw Keywords





Seven of Cups Reverse Draw Meaning

There are many suggestions attached to the reversed Seven of Cups. You’re being asked to re-examine who you truly think you are. Rather than refusing to change yourself and become stronger, you should be devoting more time to understanding your personal goals. This is especially true for those who have schedules filled with activities but find little happiness in these engagements. Stop overloading yourself. Give yourself some time to unwind. Think about where the best intentions lie and stick to only those things.

In time, you will break through the uncertainty. A new resolution is on the horizon, so don’t stop searching for it.

Seven of Cups Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

The grass is not greener on the other side. You’ve just been neglecting your own garden. Start putting time and effort into what you have and see the difference it starts to make.

Seven of Cups Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Stop saying yes to absolutely everything. Being helpful and volunteering is great but not to your own detriment. Learn to comfortably decline additional responsibilities. Not everything is your job.

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Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Seven of Cups

Look at all of those choices presented in the Seven of Cups, it is certainly something awesome, isn’t it? An individual is faced with several goblets, each with either a positive or negative vision. Their surprise is obvious—and natural. Who wouldn’t be shocked by cups holding snakes, a shrouded figure, a human head, laurels, a pile of wealth, a tower, and a dragon? Obviously, the person is being called to choose one of these treasures, but is all as it truly seems? Or is the most tempting choice really something dangerous?

The Muse of Tarot For Seven of Cups

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Cryzella - The Muse of Clarity Tarot Readings

The figure in the Seven of Cups is looking at all the options before them unsure of what to do. Too many choices leave us confused AF, with no perspective. You may get stuck with analysis paralysis, or wrapped up in fantasies. The upside of the card when working with Cryzella – you have a choice. While too many options can incapacitate you, you can take your power back consciously choosing your next step, even if it’s a small one.

About The Cups

The Cups are all about offering emotional fullness. The Cups embody emotion, mood and fantasy. They represent the emotional pathway to make choices and shed light on negative feelings that are blocking our personal growth and decision-making capabilities. The Cups are the element of water, the season of autumn, the direction of west and the colour range of blue.