Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Cups

Ten of Cups Upright Draw Keywords




emotional fulfillment

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Ten of Cups Upright Draw Meaning

The image of happy people and a comforting home is definitely something that most individuals want and you might have that. Everyone is getting along well. The presence of the Ten of Cups also puts forth a good omen about holiday gatherings. If there’s a family reunion or celebration coming up, you can look forward to a wonderful time and know that your family (or combined family) can look forward to a harmonious time.

The Ten of Cups is also a great indicator of romantic relationships. Commitment is a requirement to make sure that such bonds last. Yet, you also need to be clear about your personal beliefs to make sure that the two of you do not lose your identity. Follow your heart and go with your intuition. Allow yourself to feel truly happy then seek out opportunities that let you fulfill your hobbies. By doing that, everyone can be happy.

Ten of Cups In Love and Relationships

The Ten of Cups is a sign of happiness. Love and romance are flowing into your life. The feeling of togetherness is strong, and you’re smiling often. If you just started seeing someone, it’s a sign that you both feel something. Otherwise, you can expect your next first date to be successful. The two of you will enjoy the day like no other.

Ten of Cups In Career And Finances

The Ten of Cups is undoubtedly a good card. It’s a sigh of relief. You have been working hard, and you’re on the right track. At work, your efforts make you indispensable. Keep plugging ahead. In the end, you might get to the position you have always dreamed of (just don’t get cocky, because anyone can be replaced). For now, money is also not a problem. You’re quite prosperous. Whatever amount you have saved up is going to help you in the long run.


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Ten of Cups Reverse Draw Keywords





Ten of Cups Reverse Draw Meaning

Generally, the Ten of Cups upright is extremely happy. On the other hand, when the reversed card is drawn, something is blocking you from establishing the emotional connection. The person you’re in a relationship with might be fighting with you, or the two of you are not spending enough quality time together, and it’s stressing both of you out. Even if there is a physical distance between you, try to respect each other’s decisions and remember to show compassion. By doing so, you open up a pathway that allows them to treat you the same.

The reversed Ten of Cups can also show misalignment of your values. Perhaps you’re not living as you would like to, or you are lying to yourself. Others are making decisions for you, leaving you feeling like you are adrift and without purpose. It is best to get your ducks in a row. Stop rushing around. Grab hold of the reins, and take control of your own life.

Lastly, your work/life balance might be suffering. Now that you’re devoted to working, you’re neglecting the things that matter most, like your family. If you continue to do so, you might not have a “family” to go back to. Be careful!

Ten of Cups Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

You’re putting all of your happiness into other people’s hands. That can be a very dangerous gamble. Only you should hold the key to your happiness. Spend some time learning to make yourself happy, it will positively impact all of your relationships.

Ten of Cups Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Taking pride in your work and working hard is not a bad thing but work shouldn’t be everything in your life! Don’t forget the people who love you and want to spend time with you.

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Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is full of loving images. A loving couple and their children show that a small family, in a small home, can indeed be happy. The greenery that is seen symbolizes fertility, while the rainbow overhead shows a blessing. What an idyllic scene! The Ten of Cups is all about emotional fulfillment, especially when dealing with relationships. Given that this card is a ten, it means that you are asked to appreciate everything that you have done something incredible.

The Muse of Tarot For Ten of Cups

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Adoria - The Muse of Love Tarot Readings

Happiness is different for everyone. Whether it’s loving the freedom of single life, nesting at home with family, or anything else in between. The Ten of Cups is the height of happiness in the suit of the cups, so of course, Adoria holds space in this card. Finding and living your happiness is a true manifestation of the Ten of Cups.

About The Cups

The Cups are all about offering emotional fullness. The Cups embody emotion, mood and fantasy. They represent the emotional pathway to make choices and shed light on negative feelings that are blocking our personal growth and decision-making capabilities. The Cups are the element of water, the season of autumn, the direction of west and the colour range of blue.