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Judgement Upright Draw Keywords





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Judgement Upright Draw Meaning

Notice the type of cross on the Angels trumpet flag? Each arm has the same length. It’s a simple symbol but one that resonates in multiple cultures. The Celtic cross has been noted to mean the sun and the stone circle. In Greece, the cross represented the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and air. The Aztecs used the cross as a way to represent the meeting places of gods. In the Middle East, the cross meant the four directions (north, south, east, west) and four winds. The elements, directions, and positions are all of equal balance, and so you can see this cross as sound judgement and seeing all perspectives.

The angel is said to be Archangel Michael who has a connection to purification, cutting cords and carrying souls to heaven. There is also a theme of redemption and protection with this Archangel.

The outstretched arms give another meaning—that you should accept what comes into your life with open arms. Embrace newfound knowledge and use it to move in a new direction. When you make sound judgements based on an open perspective, you become the most powerful version of yourself.

Judgement often asks that you give yourself a moment to reflect and evaluate yourself. This should be done in a quiet meditation, where you can come to a deep understanding of who you are and what you want. Though you are close to unearthing your true desires and that you recently had an epiphany of sorts, you still need to delve a little deeper into your inner workings. Do this by opening yourself to new opportunities. Do not close yourself off to changes.

Upon this moment of absolution, you will feel completely cleansed of any guilt or sorrows you have carried with you. All of your experiences will suddenly become much more comfortable to share. Others who have experienced similar things will appear, so join them and let them help you.

If you are feeling called to do something for the greater good of humanity or for your deep soul level and Judgement comes up in your reading, know this is a sign for you to take action.

Judgement In Love and Relationships

Are you too critical of the people that you love? Are you being tempted outside of your relationship? What you do now and how you behave during this critical period will certainly reflect upon you. Don’t act too hastily, especially if you’re in a relationship. This can be a time when you either patch up differences with your significant other, or you walk away from one another. Ensure you’re taking the right steps and not jumping to conclusions, as such actions won’t grant you any reprieve. If Judgement is your hand, you want to be the tortoise, not the hare.

Judgement can also signify that there is an old soul connection that will be rekindled in this lifetime and a possibility of marriage.

Judgement In Career And Finances

In the same way that Archangel Michael is summoning spirits from their graves to be judged by the universe, you too, have been summoned for scrutiny. This is not always a terrible thing. Now is the time to pull out your ace and give some extra attention to detail. If you work a bit more eagerly, the outcome will undoubtedly be a positive one, such as a promotion or the offer of a better, more lucrative role.

Money will seem to be at a surplus, but don’t take this good fortune for granted. Don’t do anything that violates laws because you’re being watched. Caution will pay off in the long run.

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Judgement Reverse Draw Keywords



cruel judgements

refusing to take action

Judgement Reverse Draw Meaning

If you draw Judgement reversed, you’re definitely being asked to take time to think about your life. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Somewhere along the line, you have lost touch with yourself. You’re too busy and too dissatisfied. Stop being so overly critical of failures in the past. Instead, take a moment to see the lessons for what they were. Learn from your mistakes. Judgement, after all, is a reminder that you have the power to react however you desire to what happens to you. How you react to the bumps in the road is much more important than the actual event.

As you experience happiness and sadness, deal with these valuable lessons as they come. Do not fear making important decisions because change is inevitable.

Judgement Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Are you stuck in a habit of criticizing those close to you? Criticism is a great way to ruin relationships because no one likes being judged and hearing about their (perceived) shortcomings. Judgement reversed is a warning that your criticism is creating the opposite of what you want. People aren’t going to change that way. The only thing you’re creating is more criticism – but this time you’ll be the target.

Judgement Reverse Draw Career and Finances

If you have applied for a promotion or raise make sure you have done everything right and have all of your ducks in a row. Now may not be the best time for this. Judgement in reverse can point to the outcome not being in your favor. If you’re going for it, make a strong case for yourself. If your proposal isn’t as strong as it could be, wait and take the time to make it really shine.

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Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Judgement

Many Judgement Tarot cards show naked men, women, and children rising from their graves to reach for an angel playing the trumpet. They are often naked as a symbol of having nothing to hide, which is also shown in their body language. Are they ready to be judged by the Universe for what they did with their mortal lives? or are they being called to action by something greater than themselves? In the distance, we see a tidal wave that represents the inevitability of this final judgement. A card with links to karma, who doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor but if you’re kind of heart.

The Muse of Tarot For Judgement

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Brújula - The Muse of Transition Tarot Readings

There is a spiritual awakening that goes along with this card. Things won’t be the same going forward. Change happens on every level. Some people you used to spend a lot of time with might not vibe with you now. You seek out different experiences and enjoy doing things that you had absolutely no interest in before. Judgement and Brujula come together to help you with these transitions. Brújula loves practices of self-reflection as it makes you more aware of your choices and options moving forward.

About The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of the 22 cards that embody universal aspects of the human experience through symbology and archetypes. They are representations of our collective consciousness, those consistent, directing patterns of influence that are an inherent part of human nature. Each Major Arcana card is given a number, a place in a specific well-thought-out order, and a title which links the card to its meaning and deeper lesson.