Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles Upright Draw Keywords





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Knight of Pentacles Upright Draw Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles may not be the most innovative being on the planet; their methodical manner has produced a humble goal. This card is about the patience needed to sometimes complete even the most routine processes throughout life. Having a sense of responsibility and commitment to everything you do from when you wake to when you sleep will help you or someone else through a difficult event.

The reason is that the Knight of Pentacles is also the herald of trust. In other words, you need to trust yourself. Follow a routine. Ensure that you can complete an important task given to you. Be committed to getting the job done, and know that you might have to do whatever it takes to see this job through.

Yes, this does hint at perfectionism. The Knight of Pentacles is a meticulous creature who never leaves a job half done. Accept responsibility when it is given to you. Keep moving, even when the ground is muddy and trying to stymie your advancement. Go with the flow, stay true to the routine that works for you, and over time you will progress.

Knight of Pentacles In Love and Relationships

In love, the Knight of Pentacles is a herald of sameness. Some couples might be following the same routine, and this is causing issues in the relationship. Even for the most adventurous, you are called to become aware of how “routine” the relationship is becoming. Thus, you need to rethink what is happening in order to stay interested in one another. If the tedium is too much to tolerate, you should consider breaking up in a friendly manner.

Knight of Pentacles In Career And Finances

The Knight of Pentacles reveals that you are a solid, practical, loyal person at work. Your co-workers see you as something a cavalier, helping them out with day-to-day tasks. Though the Knight of Pentacles doesn’t really say too much for finances, you can expect that your practicality is going to pay off in the financial realm, as you will be able to see opportunities where more idealistic people wouldn’t.


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Knight of Pentacles Reverse Draw Keywords





Knight of Pentacles Reverse Draw Meaning

Life has become so mundane and boring that you are hungering for something new. That is the gist of the reversed Knight of Pentacles. You pine for ways to free yourself from the noose of routine. Mundane manners, cleaning the house, financial planning, and business relationships are being left by the wayside. You are simply too interested in more exciting opportunities that you cannot focus on what has become too routine. Depending on what is happening in your life, you might want to reconsider burning all of these bridges. Get yourself in order. Stay focused on your priorities.

Knight of Pentacles Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Your patience is wearing thin and there’s been no improvement. It may be time for an uncomfortable conversation if people aren’t following through with their promises.

Knight of Pentacles Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Reversed, this card reveals that you haven’t been the most honest person at work and with money. You are probably using others to get what you need and subsist. Instead of being a thief of everyone else’s time and effort, perhaps you should reform yourself before you break yourself.

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Minors Pentacles C2 Knight

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Knight of Pentacles

Like most Knights, the Knight of Pentacles is a character of work, effort, and diligence. This armored warrior sits upon a plow horse in the middle of a field. Clasped between the gauntlets is a single golden coin, similar to how the Page of Pentacles was carrying the coin. Yet, this individual’s eyes are careful. Reserved. This Knight has endured, and now they have the chance the support their dreams and goals.

The Muse of Tarot For Knight of Pentacles

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Holistix - The Muse of Health and Healing Tarot Readings

Holistix loves this card because no one hurries this knight. Your healing journey does not need to fit anyone else’s version of healing, nor their timeline. Healing is not linear. Some hurts take a long time to really heal, and that’s ok.

About The Pentacles

The Pentacles are all about rewarding efforts and the physical world. The Pentacles deal with our physical abilities and talents; they are about the relationships to personal service, as well as offering physical rewards for living those experiences. The ultimate quest shall be for the wisdom and the power to serve others, not the self. The Pentacles are the element of earth (think down-to-earth), the season of winter, the direction of south, and the colours green and brown.