Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Pentacles

Two of Pentacles Upright Draw Keywords



work-life balance


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Two of Pentacles Upright Draw Meaning

The Two of Pentacles is this kind of energy–a consciousness of one’s place in the world and what they are capable of. Whereas the Ace of Pentacles is about new beginnings in a business setting, the Two of Pentacles represents the other ventures in our lives, such as relationships and our personal well-being. However, there is also the need to balance the demands of the world to create internal harmony.

We are given millions of problems to juggle every single day. Just like real juggling, we have to remain constantly aware of friends, family, work, finances, love, and our own health. The Two of Pentacles is telling you to be aware of these priorities. Don’t get distracted.

There may be problems in the future that you will need to focus on completely. Rather than training your thought to one goal, spread yourself out slightly. Allow yourself some flexibility. Consider all the options. You need to stay informed because your opinions about certain issues are going to be tested.

Two of Pentacles In Love and Relationships

The Two of Pentacles is so straightforward; you can guess what “juggling” means when it comes to love. You are obviously headed towards some trouble, especially if you do not adequately balance work and life. It is also possible you are bored with your current relationship and are considering doing something to enliven the energy between you and your partner. Instead of doing something dangerous (like cheating), consider arranging a date or taking a trip–a budget-friendly one.

Two of Pentacles In Career And Finances

Financially speaking, this minor arcana card is about successfully balancing the budget you might have created for yourself. You are also handling the multitude of tasks at work well. This could have taken you some time, but things have gotten better now that you are used to your surroundings.


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Two of Pentacles Reverse Draw Keywords





Two of Pentacles Reverse Draw Meaning

The reversed meaning of this minor arcana card suggests that you are struggling to manage your time, activities, and commitments. Staying on top of bills has gotten harder. Stress is sending you through the roof, and you are feeling completely overwhelmed. If you draw the Two of Pentacles reversed, you are being asked to become more organized. Learn how to structure your day-to-day with budgets, to-do lists, and forward-thinking like schedules, journals, and other forms of time and thought management.

Because you are having difficulties, you also might be having a hard time with friends and family commitments. Sometimes, one of the best ways to get back on top of life is to stop neglecting the person (or people) who support you the most.

Two of Pentacles Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Your attempts at trying to balance your relationship haven’t worked the way you wanted it to. It may be time to seek some professional help if you want to save what you have.

Two of Pentacles Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Reversed, the Two of Pentacles indicates excessive spending and poor management of your finances. You may be tempted to borrow or lend money, but you should instead focus on creating stability for yourself.

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Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Two of Pentacles

We see in the Two of Pentacles a dancing person who is juggling their worldly concerns between an infinity loop. This suggests that the person can handle this surfeit of problems without having any issues. In the background, there are two ships that are riding the waves of the ocean, which are symbolic of the vicissitudes of life. Though the dancing person is wearing a concerned expression, the turbulence of their problems doesn’t seem to affect them.

The Muse of Tarot For Two of Pentacles

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Epiphany - The Muse of Problem-Solving Tarot Readings

Humans too are made to be adaptable. This is why, despite our physical limitations, we weren’t destroyed by predators and evolved to where we are. When this card comes up in a reading with Epiphany, limber up and put on your dancing shoes ’cause you are going to have to adapt or fail.

About The Pentacles

The Pentacles are all about rewarding efforts and the physical world. The Pentacles deal with our physical abilities and talents; they are about the relationships to personal service, as well as offering physical rewards for living those experiences. The ultimate quest shall be for the wisdom and the power to serve others, not the self. The Pentacles are the element of earth (think down-to-earth), the season of winter, the direction of south, and the colours green and brown.