Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Swords

Six of Swords Upright Draw Keywords

reluctant transition

rite of passage

travel over water

moving on from the past

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Six of Swords Upright Draw Meaning

Transitions in life are simple and surprisingly complex, joyful, and bittersweet. To move forward, sometimes we must leave something important behind. While this may come with some hesitation, doing so often is the wisest decision to make, and soon the sense of loss transforms into acceptance. In this light, the Six of Swords is a card that says, “don’t be afraid to make the hard choices in life or to move through this rite of passage. You are headed for a better place.”

Don’t dwell on the past because that is already far behind you. Don’t fear starting over, because sometimes that is the only choice you have.

The Six of Swords also draws on the theme of intelligence. Use rationality and logic when examining your options. Where have you been? How will this help where you are going? Let not only previous knowledge be your guide but intuition as well. By doing so, you will be able to bolster your analytical abilities to make the best out of a complex series of choices.

On the literal note, the Six of Swords can predict a trip over water, either by boat, ferry, or an international overseas flight. Because you are leaving someone or something behind, there will be some sadness. Yet, you will be gaining new territory to explore, so open your mind and learn about who you’re meant to be.

Six of Swords In Love and Relationships

The Six of Swords is pointing towards a change in scenery. That doesn’t mean closing a chapter. It means going abroad to soul search, either alone or with your partner.

In a more challenging position and/or context, the Six of Swords indicates that you have a lot of emotional baggage in tow from previous relationships. Because of this, you have built a wall between you and other people. If this is the case, the Six of Swords is an invitation to relieve yourself of this emotional damage to let someone in. Otherwise, future relationships will be heading straight for choppy water.

Six of Swords In Career And Finances

Let the Universe take the wheel momentarily so it can guide you to the career that suits you. That’s right—get ready for a job change. You deserve it. When finding yourself in an unfamiliar work environment, it is perfectly fine to ask for help. Get your bearings, then make yourself invaluable.

For better or for worse, your financial tide is also shifting. An influx of money could be turned into a shortage in a second, and vice versa. Be sure to squirrel some of that money away, just in case you wind up pinching pennies. This is also a sign to put money aside for vacation and downtime. Save for your future now, even if it is a small amount.

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Six of Swords Reverse Draw Keywords

emotional and physical baggage




Six of Swords Reverse Draw Meaning

Challenges have arisen in separating yourself from a painful past and moving on. Something is definitely pulling you back and barring you from entering new places. Perhaps these are unresolved issues that started in your childhood. Now that you wish to move on, these issues have returned and are causing serious doubt.

Another trait of the Six of Swords reversed is that instead of being held back by emotional scars or dilemmas, you are actually resisting the change that has already begun. You may feel that this transition is unwanted, being forced upon you. This may be the result of the transfer to a new business location, relocating because of your partner’s wishes, or other things. These drawbacks can actually be changed into a positive outcome if you look at them differently. See the potential, the personal value of change.

Six of Swords Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Your past relationship isn’t as good as you remember it to be. Look back at your old journals or tell your friends to remind you just how shitty it was.

Six of Swords Reverse Draw Career and Finances

The idea that you’ve been pushing for a while is simply going nowhere. Shelve it for now and put your focus into something more productive.

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Minors Swords 06

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Six of Swords

Upon the face of many Six of Swords Tarot card depictions, we see an image of 3 people, usually a man, woman, and child, being rowed across a body of water towards the land that lies not too far ahead. Stuck within the boat are six swords. One portion of the water is turbulent, while the other in the distance is calmer. Although this is a sign that the times ahead will be much more pleasant, right now these people are seeking to separate themselves from the turmoil as much as possible. One important question though, how are those Swords upstanding in the boat?

The Muse of Tarot For Six of Swords

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Veilia - The Muse of Mediumship Tarot Readings

One of the meanings of the Six of Swords is the messenger of important or diplomatic communication. The figure in the boat could hold vital information that is only entrusted to certain people. The person who is ferrying the boat can be seen as the support that we need when we are undertaking healing work or when doing a mediumship Tarot reading. That figure may even be the Tarot Muse, Veilia.

About The Swords

The Swords are about thinking and intellect. They represent the challenge, the road and the struggle we go through with truth and clarity. The Swords are challenging us to move our minds into the realm of wisdom. The Swords are the element of air, the season of spring, the direction of east and the colour yellow.