Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Swords

Two of Swords Upright Draw Keywords





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Two of Swords Upright Draw Meaning

The Two of Swords is for choices—sometimes difficult choices. Though the person on the card is blindfolded, we cannot say whether this was intentional or not. If you think that this blindfold has a purpose, then that would be to keep the person from seeing something, such as the solution to an issue. Avoidance of this issue may be keeping the mind peaceful, but is that the best course of action?

Pretending that the problem doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that it will just disappear. In reality, avoiding problems will only raise more.

Perhaps, the blindfold means that you don’t have all the integral pieces of the puzzle. Perhaps, those issues you are trying to deal with are like rocks in the ocean. You don’t know how wide or dangerous they are when hidden beneath the surface. Thus, you need to look for paths through careful scrutiny and research. Don’t simply rush in and hope all will end well.

As this is the card of stalemate you need to wait until the time is right to decide and move forward. Listening to your intuitive knowledge, trusting yourself, and blocking out outside opinions is key to succeeding.

The two swords on the card mean that you are also seeking more balance in your intellectual pursuits. You may be in an “all work, no play” mode, and this is draining you. Take some time away from your usual thought processes. Seek out that which you don’t know. Look for alternative viewpoints.

Two of Swords In Love and Relationships

Romantically, the Two of Swords can be a favorable omen. Should you already be in a relationship, you can look forward to things getting significantly more balanced. The two of you will feel equal to one another. If things are not going well in your relationship look at the body language of this card. The heart is closed by harsh instruments of the mind, the two swords blocking the heart chakra. Heartfelt, kind, compassionate communication and reconnection is needed to move forward and reconcile.

Should you be looking for love, take a look at your emotional state first. If there is any baggage, consider getting that squared away before making a commitment. Otherwise, you won’t be able to meet in the middle with your partner.

Two of Swords In Career And Finances

Remain patient as you wait to hear news from another party. Refrain from pushing people into giving you information. When working, do what you have to do, and do not cut corners. Should you make a mistake, don’t panic when it is called to your attention. The advice is not as bad as it first seems.

Of course, the Two of Swords calls for balance and caution, even with money. This is the time to start a budget and track how much you spend, right down to the penny. Should you need extra income to get you through these trials, get creative. You will likely enjoy this side hustle very much if you do.

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Two of Swords Reverse Draw Keywords

sensory overload

rushed decision



Two of Swords Reverse Draw Meaning

Lay the pros and cons of the situation side-by-side to reduce the struggle you are going through. The side with less negative consequences should be the route you choose, but ultimately, the most favorable outcome is up to you. Knowing this, you could be developing a case of information overload. Too many details and points of view are available for you to tap into, and the lines are blurring.

At the end of the day, step back. Sift through the advice then select only what is most relevant to you. Otherwise, you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place, which is exactly where you don’t want to be.

The last facet of the reversed Two of Cards is that you are putting yourself in that middle ground, trying to appease two opposing forces. This is causing you to get the brunt of the force, simply because you are playing messenger. You don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way for others—remember that.

Two of Swords Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Someone needs to be the one to open up the channels of communication. Swallow your pride if you know you’re the one who needs to apologize. Stop being stubborn.

Two of Swords Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Some days your ideas just aren’t gold. The best thing for you to do is clear your head and try again another day.

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Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Two of Swords

In many representations of the Two of Swords, we see a young person sitting blindfolded before an ocean with two swords in their hands. The ocean in the backdrop is filled with obstacles that would probably make ships into wrecks during foggy nights. The swords the person holds are stable and balanced, and the cross they make across the wielder’s chest is symbolic of truce. What does this mean when it comes up in a reading? Let’s find out.

The Muse of Tarot For Two of Swords

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Cryzella - The Muse of Clarity Tarot Readings

Cryzella and this card work together to create space and distance. Whether that means walking away from a problem for a few days, or taking a few moments while you settle your mind so approach the situation more objectively. No matter how you choose to honour this card’s meaning, pushing forward before clearing your mind will leave you more confused.

About The Swords

The Swords are about thinking and intellect. They represent the challenge, the road and the struggle we go through with truth and clarity. The Swords are challenging us to move our minds into the realm of wisdom. The Swords are the element of air, the season of spring, the direction of east and the colour yellow.