Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Wands

Queen of Wands Upright Draw Keywords





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Queen of Wands Upright Draw Meaning

The Queen of Wands is a dominant figure, full of fire. She is not afraid, nor does she turn away from the challenges that come with ruling. The strength she exudes is a strong indication that you, too, are an independent person who knows what they want. You’re able to sustain yourself, your vision and will remain unwavering in the face of adversity. Moreover, just like the Queen of Wands, you’re someone who isn’t afraid to rock the boat and tip it over. Your courage attracts many followers to your cause. Not only are you confident, but you’re capable of making those around you feel confident too.

Though you may not outrightly feel this way, the Queen of Wands asks that you try. You may be surprised by how extroverted and passionate you can be. Access your social networks. Guide others with your charisma.

On the flip side, the Queen of Wands can be a hot-headed and stubborn person. Blindly holding onto certain ambitions will only burn you in the end. Just like fire, which can burn brightly then rapidly become a roaring, destructive force, so too does the Queen of Wands. Allow yourself the chance to simmer, but try to control your emotions in front of a crowd.

Queen of Wands In Love and Relationships

In general, the Queen of Wands is a wonderful card to draw in a love reading. When looking for love, someone suitable is within reach. This person will most likely be a slightly self-absorbed but impressive individual who excites you with their drive. Indeed, you certainly aren’t at a time in your life when you want to be single, so accept this person for who they are. If you have confidence, the Universe will bring all the love and support necessary to smile every day!

The Queen of Wands is a card filled with fiery feminine energy. There is a lot of positivity, and whether this person is you or a good friend, the Queen of Wands is a remarkable individual. Let the light of this card guide you towards boundless energy and fertility.

Queen of Wands In Career And Finances

The Queen of Wands for career lets opportunities come to them effortlessly, and this is what you need to do. If something doesn’t happen naturally for you, don’t stress, it wasn’t for you anyway. Something better is on the horizon. Radiate confidence in all that you engage in at work, and do not let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve the limelight and success.

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Queen of Wands Reverse Draw Keywords





Queen of Wands Reverse Draw Meaning

Do you find yourself in a situation where someone is behaving in a manipulative, pushy, or arrogant manner? Maybe that someone is you? Perhaps you find yourself in a bad mood that seems to last for months instead of days. This is often not your own doing. An outside source is causing you to feel this way.

A reversed Queen of Wands can also mean that you have lost confidence in yourself over something. Instead of basking in the limelight that you once adored, you are now shying away from it. Use this time to restore faith in yourself. Believe in your potential to restore your reputation.

Queen of Wands Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

Drama, drama, drama. You’re being overly dramatic and complaining way too much. Knock it off.

Queen of Wands Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Don’t lie on your job application or at work. When people expect results from you, you’re going to have egg on your face. You’ll be held accountable.

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Minors Wands C3 Queen

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is often shown sitting upon a throne decorated with lions and sunflowers, both of which are symbols of fire and strength. Furthermore, the sunflower is a sign of life, joy, and satisfaction. Yet, while the Queen is a radiant figure in golds and yellows, there is a black cat at her feet, staring at you. This feline is a tie into occultism and a glimpse into the hidden nature of the Queen. What do you see in the cat’s’ eyes?

The Muse of Tarot For Queen of Wands

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Sparx - The Muse of Creative Tarot Readings

The Queen of Wands, just like Sparx, does not apologize for being the incredible light that they are. Do not be afraid to be seen, take centre stage, demand attention, have your words heard. You deserve to take up space in this world because you are a divine creation in your own right.

About The Wands

The Suit of Wands is associated with that which makes us individual—our enthusiasm, self-awareness and concepts, personal energy, and personalities. Within the Wands are instinctive energies, inspiration, determination, intuition, and ambition. Though Wands are connected to the element of fire, they are indicative of the good kind of fiery passion for things that occupy your time (hobbies and so on).