Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana: The Wands

About The Wands

The Suit of Wands is associated with that which makes us individual—our enthusiasm, self-awareness and concepts, personal energy, and personalities. Within the Wands are instinctive energies, inspiration, determination, intuition, and ambition. Though Wands are connected to the element of fire, they are indicative of the good kind of fiery passion for things that occupy your time (hobbies and so on).

Six of Wands Upright: Draw Keywords





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Six of Wands Upright

The Six of Wands show that you have not only achieved a goal, but you’re also being recognized for having accomplished it. Perhaps you have gotten public acclaim of late? Now, it is time to use this praise to boost your confidence and continue with your efforts. Because the Six of Wands is such a wonderfully encouraging card, you should take this time to renew your sense of faith in yourself. Be proud of whatever you have achieved and set a new goal.

Entrepreneurs should focus on their personal brand, for example. Promote yourself in all that you do. Build up your personal networks with people who will also bolster your endeavours and cheer for you when things go well. However, be careful not to let all this love and support go to your head. The downside to this minor arcana card is that you can soon become over-inflated with arrogance.

Six of Wands: Love & Relationships

Upright, the Six of Wands means that you’re in a successful relationship where both of you are go-getters. You both have natural competitiveness that allows you to support one another in all kinds of challenges. One of you may assume the leadership position, but the other doesn’t seem to mind, and this is good for both of you.

Six of Wands: Career & Finances

Upright brings rewards and wealth to whoever draws it from the Minor Arcana deck. Thanks to endorsements, a steady flow of customers, and some positive reviews, the business should be booming. You may want to give in to this adulation, but remember that this can make you lose the qualities that coworkers and clients love about you. Do not sink into arrogance. For those who are entrepreneurs, it’s important that you maintain a steady focus and stay ambitious.

Six of Wands Reversed: Draw Keywords


fall from grace

lack of confidence


Six of Wands Reversed

Reversed, the Six of Wands means that you may have taken a fall that left you face down in the mud. Now, you lack confidence in yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek support. You need to find your inner strength to keep moving forward. Further, if this fall from grace was in the work environment, you may want to consider moving on and reworking yourself. Try something new instead of fixing what has been broken one too many times.

Also, stop juggling so many obligations. Doing so only means that you’re stressing. If you drop one ball, you’re going to drop all of them; so single out what is most important to you and attack that first. Once you accomplish that, stay motivated and go on to finish the other objectives.

Six of Wands Reversed: Love & Relationships

Searching for love? Drawing a reversed Six of Wands can suggest that you’re failing to find anyone with whom you feel chemistry with. Perhaps, instead of truly seeking out love, you have put something in front of it, like work. Because the Six of Wands is a supporting card, look to the other cards you have drawn for more precise answers to what is holding you back.

Six of Wands Reversed: Career & Finances

A reversed Six of Wands means that you’re experiencing an overwhelming sense of disappointment in work. This could mean having lost a promotion or job offer. You have watched your competitors gain an upper head. The reversed Six of Wands is asking you to find out why. Do not oversell yourself, and do not tolerate a workplace where employees are unsupportive or cutthroat.

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6 of Wands: Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery

At first glance, the Six of Wands is a card that emanates victory. We often see a wreath around the person in the cards head, and they are often riding a valiant white steed through a crowd of cheering people. This display of power is one side of the story–and this rider is not afraid to show off all that they have accomplished. When drawing the Six of Wands, you should take delight in your own accomplishments and allow for a moment of public recognition.

The Muse of Tarot For Six of Wands

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Cryzella - The Muse of Clarity Tarot Readings

Cryzella knows it’s not always easy to get to the “truth.” What’s true for one person may not be for another. When this card comes up in a reading, being truthful is going to help you find the clarity you have been seeking. Lies, even those intended to protect people aren’t going to help.

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