Dark Goddess Tarot Tab

Dark Goddess Tarot

Circo Tarot tab

Circo Tarot

StarChild Akashic

Star Child Tarot Akashic

Lumina Tarot Tab

Lumina Tarot

Thelema Tarot Tab

Thelma Tarot

Fountain Tarot TB

The Fountain Tarot Collections

Spirit Speak Tarot TB

Spirit Speak Tarot Collection
The Dreaming Way Tarot
The Dreaming Way Tarot Banner


Tarot Mucha



Tarot Mucha Banner


The Starchild Tarot Title



The Starchild Tarot Bammer


The Bonefire Tarot Logo


BoneFire Tarot Banner

The Ellis Tarot Deck Logo

The Ellis Tarot Deck Banner

The Morgan Greer Tarot Logo

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Gypsy Palace

The Gypsy Palace Tarot

Rider Waite

Rider Waite Tarot

Efflorescent Tarot

The Efflorescent Tarot

Hezicos Tarot

The Hezicos Tarot

Crystal Visions

The Crystal Visions Tarot

Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Halloween Tarot

The Halloween Tarot

Mermaid Tarot

The Mermaid Tarot

Oracle Decks

There is a big difference in regards to Oracle Decks and the Tarot. The structure of the deck is the most significant. Oracle decks usually have less cards than the tarot (which has 78 cards) and most Oracle decks do not require that you learn the cards as the guidebooks often give all of the information and the message of the card you draw. They are wonderful companions to the Tarot and below are some of my favorite Oracle decks on the market.

Prince Lenormand TB

Prince Lenormand Oracle Collection

Abundant Shero Tab
Abundant SHEro ORacle
Intuitive Wisdom Oracle Tab
Intuitive Wisdom Oracle
Plant Ally Cards Tab
Plant Ally Cards
Animal Kin Oracle
Animal Kin Oracle Deck
SoulTrees Oracle
Soul Trees Oracle

Tree Wisdom Cards Tab

Tree Wisdom Oracle

Connected and Free Oracle TB

Connected and Free Oracle Collection

Sacred Rebels Oracle


The Sacred Rebels Oracle

Faeries Oracle


The Faeries Oracle 2

Druid Anima;

Druid Animal Oracle

Angels Gods Goddesses

Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle 

Gilded Reverie

The Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Messenger Oracle

The Messenger Oracle