Join 12 Teachers From The Tarot And Spiritual Community In An Online Summer Long, Immersive Tarot Experience

The 4th Annual Tarot Summer School, Hosted By The Tarot Readers Academy

June 3 – August 31, 2019

enjoy a killer lineup of 12 tarot master classes from the comfort of your home

tarot and the four pillars

Keys To Unlocking Esoteric Wisdom

Deepen your understanding of how alchemy, astrology, and theurgy converge in the Tarot

If you break down many of the teachings in Western esotericism, you’ll find that it relates back to the metaphysical construct of four pillars. Working with the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences, this course will focus on The Hierophant, Strength, Death, and The Star, which connect to the four fixed signs of Western astrology– Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius– featured on Key 21: The World card.

These four cornerstone keys will unlock your destiny for material success (Earth), your glory (Fire), your spiritual path (Water), and the path of your personal growth, the life lessons to learn (Air).

You will then work through a twenty-one card Pyramid Reading to create a blueprint and map of your inner temple.

This course will cover:

  • The four pillars of Western esotericism
  • How to divine and reveal your personal destiny for material success and glory
  • Clearer personal revelations into your spiritual path
  • How to master the Pyramid Reading for revealing the blueprint to anyone’s inner temple
  • The three-fold path of wisdom (alchemy, astrology, and theurgy).

“Thank you! I love and adore the variety of teachers & course topics in Summer School, along with the campfire calls so that we can connect to the teachers & ask questions. You always curate an amazing Summer School! Keep doing what you’re doing!” – Cory G

Exploring The Major Arcana Through The Chakras

Chakra Wisdom Is A Tremendously Insightful And Powerful Tool For Tarot Readings

Emerge with a new perspective on Tarot, Your Chakra, and the answers in the path of Chakra Wisdom Tarot

Discover how to apply the Chakra Wisdom system to Tarot readings in a way that will trigger personal insights, intuitive paths and a powerful awareness of how to manifest the things needed to reach the goals of the modern world.

In a fast-paced and interactive “fun” shop – Tori Hartman will show you how to add new wisdom to your reading toolkit. Each chakra holds a key to unlock messages within us, which can deepen our connection to Tarot cards. You will gain instant knowledge as each of the 78 cards fall into one chakra – and the pattern of instant recognition in these cards will astound you.

Unique to her deck is the Fool’s Chakra Journey. You will follow the Fool through her story told through her internal chakra evolution in each of the Major Arcana.

When you put all the pieces together you will emerge with a new perspective on Tarot, Your Chakra, and the answers in the path of Chakra Wisdom Tarot.

You will learn:

  • How to tap into the messages of the major Arcana and transform your readings using them
  • Looking at the cards as an extension of your intuition and reducing doubts by learning how to get to hidden messages quickly
  • How to make interpretive choices naturally through your chakras that can be applied to any deck
  • Simple techniques to help you recover from distractions in readings
  • How to use the wisdom of your chakra and apply it to anything in your life

By the end, you’ll have a natural relationship to the journey of the fool, unlike one you’ve ever had before!

Disclaimer: **You do not need to own Tori’s Chakra Tarot Deck to bring wisdom to your readings and work with the chakras.**

“Awesome job!! My first experience was great. I love how interactive most of the classes were. There were lots of things to do and the instructors were so engaging and knowledgeable.” – Jovhanna T

Tarot Charm Casting

Bring Divination To Your Tarot Readings

Discover your unique charm casting style

Charm casting and tarot make a great pair, and when the two become one it makes for expanded yet distinct readings. We’re given a shiny new tool that just about anyone can divine and instantly utilize.

The aim of divination is not only about telling the future, it’s about receiving messages that point to transformations, healing and a line of action the diviner can take. The more you cast your charms, the sooner you will discover a style that is uniquely your own.

Join creator of the Magpie Oracle, Carrie Paris and learn just how easy it is to give instant readings with a handful of shiny metal charms. Charm casting is being used all over the world and has been touted as a simple, yet powerful system for divining instant insights with accurate results.

This course includes:

  • Looking at the historical nature of traditional object casting and compare it to what’s now known as contemporary collection oracle.
  • By the end, you will know how to cast over a series of maps and bring light to life’s questions.

There is also limited edition Tarot Summer School Casting Kit available for purchase— a modern oracle filled with metal tarot charms plus a number of colorful casting maps that cover all the great topics: love, prosperity, family, destiny and more.

“Thanks a million for taking the time to put together these courses, all of the ones I took were so helpful and informative! It was great to have access to the knowledge and expertise of so many amazing and talented women.” – Julie W

Connecting To The Web: Exploring Divination

Learn The Practical Application Of Divination Using Symbology

Tap into the story symbols around you are telling

As long as there have been people on earth, they have picked up the things around them and used them to gain messages about why they are here, or where they are from, or where they are going, or what they need to know to be very human in a very large world.

The very foundation of divination of any form is our ability to perceive the world through the eyes of symbol. Some symbols seem to be innate, part of our connection to the greater human whole, some symbols are cultural, some are tied to specific times, and others are carried through families.

All of these symbols create this vast, dynamic web of understanding that lays at the heart of the messages that we can see in the world around us, or in an image on a card, or in the casting of these symbols.

In this class, we will take a look at the beauty and the power of symbols and how being aware of them can not only add depth to how we read different divination systems, but also allow us to read the world around us. 

We will cover:

  • History of Divination
  • The Symbolic World
  • The Symbology of Shapes, Letters & Numbers
  • The Symbology of Color
  • The Symbology of Archetypes
  • Reading the Web: Practical Application

“You have done a terrific job. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in these wonderful classes. I loved being able to go at my own pace! Each class I took so far (I haven’t finished yet) offered something a bit different, but valuable. Thank you! I loved Tarot Summer School!” – Stella D

Lenormand From Scratch

Learn Everything You Need To Be A Predictive Lenormand Reader

This course is for beginners or anyone who wishes to read Lenormand Cards!

Do you want to work on your predictive accuracy? Find a way to be more practical in your reads? Understand what will happen in daily life? Then the Lenormand System is for you!

The Lenormand System is a 36 Card Fortune Telling Deck. Students who take this course will learn how to apply the traditional Lenormand meanings and interpret spreads with confidence.

The course includes detailed instruction, handouts and videos on how to lay and read this symbolic deck with certainty and how you can enhance your Tarot readings and predictive accuracy.

Learn tricks to understand the Lenormand Language and what the cards are explaining to you about your future.

What you’ll learn:

  • The Original Meanings of the 36 Petit Lenormand cards
  • The Lenormand Language
  • Horizontal interaction
  • Vertical interaction
  • Simple Lenormand Techniques
  • The Cross Spread
  • Placement Spreads
  • Mixed Systems – using Lenormand to enhance Tarot readings

“I think everything was fabulous. There was a good mix between esoteric practices and also developing new skills and techniques. I love the Academy and you are all doing and excellent work. These teachings are not easy to access and the Academy as a platform makes it really accessible. I mean if the Academy were not sharing and having this courses, I think I would not have had any access to that information in my life.” – Gianni C

Rock Your Tarot Business

Turn Your Passion For Tarot Into A Profitable Business

Save time and money by knowing where to focus your efforts to grow your Tarot Biz

Deciding to start your own Tarot business can be a really exciting decision to make. Building a business can be such an inspiring journey, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

If you’re ready to go pro, or you have an emerging or established tarot business already, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, this workshop is for you.

Rock Your Tarot Business addresses some of the key components of Tarotpreneurship to help you build a solid career in tarot.

You will learn:

  • How to handle everyday fears that come with running a business;
  • How to avoid common tarot business mistakes that can end up costing you time and money;
  • How to get clear about which marketing strategies are best for you, and which to leave behind;
  • And more

This workshop is packed with practical tips and advice to help you rock your tarot business!

“All the inspiration on how to use the tarot and just listening to these beautiful people share about tarot, a shared passion. It is just joy to watch. And I have had so many insights and great ideas, that I couldn’t pick one favourite part. The whole experience is magickal! Thank you for offering this!”  – Charissa V

Create Breakthroughs With Tarot

Free Your Energy & Live The Life You Desire

Learn structured, transformative Tarot Breakthrough process that you can use for yourself and your readings

A structured, transformative Tarot Breakthrough process that you can use for yourself and your readings

In this course, I combine energy work with a flexible step by step spread to help transform your life. This process came out of a desire, as a highly sensitive, to move stuck energy with the help of Tarot and Oracle cards.

This is a process that you can use for yourself or professionally with clients. It helps you listen to yourself, know yourself amidst whatever is going on in your life, in your world – it will help you centre yourself within yourself so you can know your own voice. This is a life-long process – one that you can and will want to come back to for a long time to come.

You’ll learn:

  • The Tarot Breakthrough Process that develops into a 13+ card spread
  • How to customize the process to yourself or your clients

“I love the variety of classes and teachers, all the different approaches to the tarot. This is the 3rd year that I’ve purchased the season pass, and I’ve never been disappointed.”  – Kathy B

Tea Reading 101: Creative Divination

Learn The Art And Science Of Tea Reading

Stir your imagination, nourish your intuition, and unfold your understanding of perception and individual symbols

Learning to read tea is a bit like falling in love the first time: you become open to all possibilities.

If you’re into storytelling and dream interpretation, you’ll also gain perspective from this course.

Let the world offer itself to your imagination!

You are invited to bring your teacups and your favorite loose leaf tea or try your hand at Turkish coffee or wax reading because all those principles intersect.

All levels are welcome and this is a perfect course to take at any age level. 

We cover:

  • The basics of tea reading, beginning with common symbols to the placement of leaves in your cup
  • The different types of readings
  • How to ask questions of the leaves
  • How to develop your own personal code

I will also provide tips and address concerns that have come up often for myself as a professional tea reader.

“Thank you all for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us. I love learning from others who have gone through similar things. I loved seeing all the different types of courses on offer and all the amazing things you can do with Tarot.”  – Kara W

Awakening Intuition With Oracles

Learn To See The World With Oracular Eyes

Connect with your intuition anytime, even when you don’t have your cards

Do you know that you are an oracle?

Often when we talk about oracles in our community we speak of them as something tangible like a deck of cards or a system like tea leaf reading. We see them as tangible objects we can touch, interact with and then put away. But there’s a deep way of working with oracles.

It starts by recognizing that you yourself are an Oracle.

You are connected to infinite wisdom. Whether you call that Spirit, the Divine, Goddess, God or just The Universe.

You are connected to this expansive energy field that holds information and possibilities for enriching your life. And it is accessible all the time when you’re in the streets, meditation, at dinner, anywhere… even when you don’t have your cards!

Working with oracles give you a language to understand the constant stream of insights and messages that are moving around us. When you work with oracles you create sacred time and space where you move beyond your normal awareness into the in-between where the language of oracles is more understandable.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work with oracles in a more dynamic and inspired way.
  • Be in dialogue with your oracle cards, rather than just looking at them.
  • Understand the Three Levels of Symbolism that make up your Oracular Vocabulary.
  • Craft stories with oracles to see future possibilities, understand present obstacles & opportunities and rewrite the past.
  • Work intuitively with any Oracle system.
  • Move through the world as the living oracle that you are!

“I am just really impressed with the variety of topics offered, as well as being able to sign up for each individual course or the whole thing all together. Great options. Thank you so much for offering these courses, and for such a reasonable price! It’s really cool to have one place to go and experience so many different teachers.”  – Amaran

Moon Rhythms & Tarot

Learn How To Align With The Moon For Yourself And In Your Readings

Use the phases of the moon to assist with divination, manifestation, and self-reflection

We are all affected by the moon, doesn’t matter whether you are a witch, warrior, or alien. Yet, the moon is often a missing ingredient for Tarot Readings.

If you find that you are tired or burned out, that the changes you are trying to make are hard, or that your creative energies are stifled, you may be working against the moon.

Aligning yourself with the phases of the moon can help support your self reflections, actions, and manifestations. This alignment allows you to work with, rather than against the moon’s energies for maximum reward for less effort.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • About the different phases of the moon and how to work in harmony with them.
  • How you can integrate each Tarot into each phase so you are in rhythm with the moon.
  • Crystals, Tarot spreads and Tarot meanings, journaling prompts for each moon phase.

This class is designed like an interactive workbook that coincides with phases of the moon.

“The classes have been fun, inspiring, packed with great info & the FB group has supportive community! Love all the courses, thanks for this extended learning opportunities. The teachers did a great job!”  – Amanda

Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot

Unveil And Embrace The Sexual Side Of Tarot

Read confidently on sex and sexually-related topics, and add new layers of meaning to your readings.

When it comes to sexuality in Tarot, we are taught that the woo-hoo arsenal consists mainly of a few cards – The Devil, The Ace Of Wands, and The Eight Of Swords (if you’re into that); The Knight Of Wands can make you roll your eyes in pleasure, and the Page Of Cups has traditionally been seen as having a bun in the oven.

Each of the 78 cards of the Tarot deck has something to say, but sexuality often gets lost or mixed in with romance, love, and other emotions. But, what about sexuality on its own in an era where it’s more faceted and openly explored than tradition calls for?

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Interpret the cards from a sexual perspective.
  • Connect and embody the sexual energy of the cards.
  • Read on matters of sex and sexuality.
  • Use Tarot to enhance your sex-life, reconnect with your sexuality or help you release sexual blockages from the past.
  • Hold space for querents that are having trouble with their sex-life, sexuality or sex related trauma.

Read confidently on sex and sexually-related topics, and add new layers of meaning to your readings for yourself, your friends, and your clients!

“I like that there were a lot of courses available that went beyond how to read the cards. I also like the amount of content that is provided in the classes and appreciate having life-time access to this material so I can go through it again. I also liked the teaching style of many of the teachers that explained things slowly and thoroughly and walked me through the process. I find that the information is more easily absorbed that way.”  – Samantha S

Animal Magic And Tarot

Weaving Animal Magic And Animal Journey’s Into Your Tarot Practice

Deepen your connection with yourself and connect to the Tarot in new ways

Get ready to explore the magic of the animal kingdom.

We will be exploring animal magic through the elements and their unique magical and symbolic meanings. We’ll look at different types of animal magic and what they bring to our tarot practice. You’ll learn how to work with animals in your tarot and spiritual practice and how to use it in your everyday life.

We will also be delving into:

  • Individual animal magic
  • Elemental animal magic
  • Elemental animal magic tarot spreads
  • Animal magic guided meditation journeys
  • Why animals are so important to our spiritual journey and why many of us have animal companions and a deep connection to the natural world.
  • Divine connections to animals and how that then comes to play in the world of divination.
  • Animals as symbols, in art, books and media and their magic
  • I share some of my favorite animal tarot and oracle decks and how you can create your own animal magic deck
  • And much more

There is a workbook for you to print off, plenty of videos for you enjoy and lots of meditations and practical work. All you need for this course is a deck of tarot cards and a sense of wonder!

“Summer School is awesome courses by awesome leaders in the community and I love knowing that I have support if I have questions from so many gifted people. Keep up the awesome work! You all rock!”  – Angela

What’s Included In Summer School

Pick And Choose Curriculum

As a Tarot Summer School student can register for individual courses or you can enrol in the Tarot Summer School Season Pass and get lifetime access to ALL of the courses. ALL 13 masterclasses. FOREVER.


Extra Course Materials

All classes have an interactive elements and may include:

  • Worksheets and workbooks
  • Meditations
  • Rituals and activities

Join Campfire Q&A Sessions

In addition to the 13 masterclasses, all students can attend the Campfire Q&A Sessions hosted by the Summer School faculty. These sessions give you the opportunity to connect with other Tarot Summer School students and ask questions of some of our teachers. If you can’t make these sessions you will have access to the recordings via the Tarot Readers Academy.

Campfire Dates 2019

Thursday 27th June – 6.15PM PST

Saturday 3rd August – 8.00 AM PST

Your Tuition:

Summer School Season Pass

$229 USD

Includes lifetime access to all 12 Tarot Masterclasses

À La Carte Individual Courses

$32 USD

Includes lifetime access to each class purchased

“Everyone that was involved did an outstanding job! I loved the extensive, wide variety collection of classes, I loved that I could pick and choose which ones were the best fit for me, and I love that I can take my time and work on them as time permits!”   – Jaida W

End Tarot Event FOMO…

Fun And Accessible For Every Timezone

Travelling to events can be difficult or even impossible when trying to juggle family obligations, financial responsibilities, or even geographic challenges.

This is where the idea of an online Tarot Conference was born.

Tarot Summer School offers you the opportunity to learn from Tarot Teachers all over the world who are presenting 13 Tarot Master Classes throughout Summer. We have a killer lineup of workshops and presenters.

Tarot Summer School FAQs

How Does It Work?

You can register for ANY of the Tarot Summer School courses starting June 1. Summer School closes August 31.

The first class goes live on June 3. You’ll receive an email each time a class is released. You can attend classes at your convenience and you’ll have lifetime access to any classes you purchase.

What If I Can’t Watch The Course I Have Enrolled In The Day It Goes Live?

It’s okay, Tarot Readers Academy students are all over the world. If you are unable to watch your course the day it goes live you will be able to access it forever via your student portal at the Tarot Readers Academy.


What Is The Last Day I Can Enrol In Tarot Summer School Courses?

12 AM PST on the 31st of August 2018

There will be a closing ceremony on the 31st of August 2018.


Are There Payment Plans Available For The Season Pass?

Yes, there is a payment plan option for the season pass, you will see it when you click, ‘enrol in course’ or scroll down to the bottom of the season pass page on the Tarot Readers Academy.


What Are The Payment Methods Accepted At The Tarot Readers Academy?

All major international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted and so is PayPal.

Please note that if you are geographically located in the EU, VAT will be added to your course investment at checkout. This is done automatically by the software we use.


What Is The Refund Policy With Tarot Summer School Courses?

There is a 30-day refund policy from date of purchase. Please contact the headmistress at for these enquiries.

Please note that you will not have access to the courses if you process a refund.


Is There A Way To Speak To The Tarot Summer School Teachers Of The Course That I Have Enrolled In?

Summer School Teachers can be contacted through our Facebook Community and will also be joining in on the live Campfire calls where you can ask them questions about their courses. Not all Teachers will be able to join us for the live calls but they will try to make it.


What If I Can Not Make Any Of The Campfire Q&A Sessions?

If you have a burning question or want to ask your teachers something specific about the workshop that you are in you can submit a question via email or the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group and we will endeavour to answer it for you. As a Tarot Summer School student you will have access to the recordings of the Campfire Q&A sessions after they are done via your Student portal at the Tarot Readers Academy.