‘Ethony!!! You are simply amazing!! You are brilliant!! Thank you thank you thank you! Blessings and love to you.’ – Rita 2016

‘Wow, I just wanted you to know that this is spot on. It speaks to the exact situation I have been facing, and this is a really encouraging reading. I love the mantra at the bottom, I will repeat that to myself daily in order to better manifest my goals!’ – Kayti 2016

‘Dear Ethony, Thank you for the Tarot reading! I can’t tell you how helpful it was and how right on you were. The suggestions you provided have been helpful in terms of my healing. I’ll definitely be in touch in the future for more readings. Again, many many thanks.’ – Diana 2016

‘I originally had a mini reading with Ethony and loved her simple and matter of fact approach to her readings, she was caring but more importantly honest and skilful in revealing truths I couldn’t yet see that did come to pass. Intrigued I then joined one of her tarot classes just to learn more about it rather than to do readings for others. The course was so fantastic, Ethony is sooooo passionate and knowledgeable about the tarot I was blown away by the depth of her understanding, her passion was infectious and the class became a highlight of the week, I learnt so much and gained a lot of confidence in my readings and now enjoy reading not only for myself but friends and family too.

I never thought I would pick it up so quickly and I know its thanks to Ethony’s great talent and passion that I have grown in leaps and bounds in my readings and love and understanding of the tarot.

I definitely recommend her courses and readings to everyone, even if you aren’t a complete tarot newbie like I was you will re energise your skills and have a lot of fun too :)’- Sarah K, Perth – http://www.handmadewonderland.net


‘I have taken one of Ethony’s courses and LOVED IT! She is bright, bubbly and super knowledgeable. She makes learning interesting and relevant. She is a good combination of feet on the ground but connected to the clouds. She inspires you to do your best. Excellent value for money and her level of knowledge with the Tarot is superb. I would recommend her she is AWESOME and AMAZING! She has a great connection with herself and her surroundings!’- Tasmar, Gosnells Western Australia

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‘Ethony has been my tarot reader for nearly 10 years. She is incredible! She never fails to amaze me with insights and viewpoints that I’d never considered before. She’s helped me to make some huge decisions in my life for which I am forever grateful. A fantastic reader and a wonderful person! Tarot courses with Ethony are a riot of fun and so informative! I had such a blast learning about Tarot in a laid-back and fun-filled way. Ethony is such a patient teacher and so incredibly knowledgeable. She’s also really down-to-earth and knows her stuff. I highly recommend it… no seriously, get on it NOW!’ – Teneal, Yoga Studio Director; Perth, Western Australia.

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‘I have recently completed a Tarot Course with Ethony. I learned so much and had heaps of fun at the same time! It was great; she’s very knowledgeable and very helpful. When Ethony gets in the moment, she delivers an amazing amount of learnable information. She has the ability to be a teacher, but she can also turn off teacher ‘mode’ and can pull you into her world where the information just flows from her in to your mind. She is prepared to put in the extra time and energy, she’ll get personal with you and won’t hesitate to ‘be real’ for a moment! Ethony also has an amazing sense of humour! Ethony knows so much about the Tarot, and not just the things you’d expect. We touched on the Kabbalah in the Tarot. She is intuitive and she applies a modern day take on the Tarot, which is quite helpful. Ethony also teaches you the traditional card meanings (back to front!) and the transformational story they’re telling. I would recommend Ethony’s courses and readings to friends and family.’ – Sarah L., Australia


‘I have had many readings with Ethony and have been taught Tarot by her for many years. Having established a solid practice of my own, I keep going back to her because I know she knows the tarot like the back of her own hand! Her style is fluid and connected and her readings do not skip a beat, with a strong knowledge of the Tarot in both its historical and modern context but unrestricted by dogmatic interpretation. She has a warmth and humour that she brings to her readings and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to know the tarot, or know themselves, with more clarity.’- Lee, http://chaoswitch.com, Perth, Western Australia

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‘As a member of Tarot Cafe I found Ethony’s classes to be in-depth, informative, and highly entertaining-! I loved the sense of community these classes provided for, and in such a relaxed atmosphere I was able to achieve greater insight into my personal journey as reflected in the wisdom of the Tarot. Ethony definitely has a way with words, and with her years of knowledge I found learning as easy as falling off a log-! I would highly recommend her to family and friends. Thank you Ethony for providing this opportunity to learn and grow and for setting this chicky back on track!’ – Amber, Perth, Australia

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‘I have recently done a Tarot course with Ethony:) I instantly clicked with Ethony due to her open mind, sense of humour and her fantastic tutoring skills! The course was set so as to really have the students interacting with the tutor to a high level which I loved, Ethony has an incredible wealth of Tarot knowledge and is a very patient and considerate teacher, making learning for all levels of Tarot reader a pleasure and not like study at all!

I am quite sure I received more than my monies worth from my course with Ethony and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start as a beginner or for an experienced reader wanting to gain more insight and depth to their readings.’ – Nikki B, Perth, Australia

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‘Oh my god. This was AMAZING!! I absolutely needed this beyond words! The Higher Power card was also drawn by Colette for her card of the day yesterday I believe. I was so incredibly drawn to it and it came to me again!!!! I am completely blown away. Like totally. Thank you so so so much!!!’ – Drew, USA.

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‘I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for my New Moon Tarot Reading.  It was so perfect, and just what I need to hear right now.  It gives me some valuable tools and information to help me to move forward with confidence.  I really love it and will work with everything that you have suggested’ – Sylvia, Australia

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‘Thank you so very much for this beautiful and positive reading ♡ so clear and to the point.’ – Priyanka C – 2015

‘Thank you! I wanted to let you know I passed with “recognition of excellence” (which I totally did not expect!!). Thank you for your reading, so encouraging before my test!’ Jenna V – 2015

‘Thank you for your reading. That’s incredible insight to my heart.’ Tammy G – 2015

‘Wow. WOW. That reading is creepily accurate’ – Joshua – 2015

‘Thank you so much for your reading! It was comprehensive, touched all the bases and you managed to incorporate advice as well as inspiring thoughts. It was worth every penny and more, unlike other readings I had. Your passion for your Craft shines through’ –  Irina, 2016

‘Hello Ethony, thank you so much for the reading. It was very well done and resonated with me deeply. I had never purchased an online reading before and am very glad that i found you. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to my friends.’ – Charlene – 2016

‘Wow!!! You brought me to tears!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are just amazing and I absolutely love your energy!’ – Yolanda, 2016