The Penumbra Tarot Deck Presale Update – December 2021

The Penumbra Tarot Deck Presale Update – December 2021

I’ve released 6 decks now and I’ve never seen anything like what's happening with the Penumbra Tarot. Please send much-needed releasing vibes.
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Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

I’ve released six decks now, and I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening with The Penumbra Tarot

US Presale Orders

The US shipment has been stuck in customs since November 9th, apparently for a random inspection and hasn’t moved since. If you’re interested, you can track the US shipment here. The container number is MATU250865. I’m writing this on December 30th and there’s still no movement. Ugh.

Canadian and International Presale Orders

Due to the flooding in BC, the boat has not docked yet because of port congestion. Plus, for extra fun, the UPS warehouse in Vancouver is overloaded, and they will transfer the shipment to Toronto for UPS delivery. Since I live in Vancouver, the truck or train will literally go past my house 4,370kms (2715 miles) only to be sent back. Fun times. At this rate, the Canadian shipment could be months away from being in my possession.

If they would let me hire a dingy and unpack the container myself, I would.

The Plan of Action

Now that you know where we’re at let’s talk about the plan of action. If the US shipment arrives earlier than the Canadian shipment, we’ll just fulfil all Canadian and international orders from our US fulfilment centre.

If the decks arrive while I’m in Australia, my fulfilment centre will still get your decks out to you.

Please send much-needed releasing vibes. My thought is, with enough people willing, the shipment into being released it will happen. So mote it be!

Until Next week...

6 thoughts on “The Penumbra Tarot Deck Presale Update – December 2021”

  1. Hello,

    I am just following up regarding this deck. I’m not sure if this message was sent last year or it’s recent because it says 12/30. I wanted to purchase the deck but was unsure if there were issues regarding the shipping currently. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Tyshawnta, thank you for reaching out. This is a brand new blog post with an update on the Penumbra Tarot that came out this year. You’re still able to purchase the Penumbra Tarot but it wouldn’t be shipped to you until the New Year. 🙂 As long as you’re not in a rush, then you’ll receive it without any problem.

  2. Maybe in the future you should consider buying Canadian-made, then you wouldn’t have shipping problems. And the bonus is, you’ll be helping your fellow Canadians with jobs.

    1. Hi Gloria, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere in North American that does Tarot decks with the card stock options, gilding, and stamping that I want for each of my decks. I’ve looked very extensively into all available options.

  3. I’m gonna have a party when my deck arrives! I am so excited to get it! Thank you for keeping us updated ❤️♒️Chelle

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