TRA TV and Podcast #7 Trusting Your Gut and Tarot with Arwen Lynch Poe

Welcome to another episode of the Tarot Readers Academy TV and Podcast. Arwen Lynch Poe joins me in this episode where we talk about trusting your gut when it comes to working with the tarot and why it is the best gauge for your tarot practice. So get comfy and let’s dive into this instalment of tarot goodness.

In this episode we touch on:

  • How to determine what is instinct and intuition vs a fear or self-sabotage
  • How to trust your gut – inner voice – our intuition
  • Learn how to distinguish between something that you should move forward on vs an  unrealistic daydream
  • How to interpret your gut hunches (Pay attention)
  • What to say to beginner readers who are stuck in the fear of telling their clients what they saw in the cards (Be Authentic)
  • Have a little faith in your ability, in the message you’re getting, have a little faith in your delivery and in your talent as a reader
  • What would you recommend for people who are stepping into the Tarot world as a reader
  • Learn the foundation of Tarot and keep on learning
  • Choose a system you feel drawn to and learn that system
  • What are the tips for people who are struggling to step away from their own judgement when reading
  • Know your biases

You can check out Arwen’s course called Trust Your Gut Tarot:9-week online course if you want to dive deeper into this subject.

Professional Joy Seeker Arwen Lynch-Poe has been teaching writers how to use Tarot since 2009. She is the author of several decks including Practical Tarot Wisdom, Fairy Tale Lenormand, and Secrets of the Mystic Grove. Past-president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014), Arwen enjoys educating as well as networking with others. Her own business, Tarot by Arwen, has been around since 1985 with her online professional presence launching in 1992. She is now the editor-in-chief and owner of The Cartomancer ( PLEASE USE CODE – ETHONYROCKS at the checkout for your bundle) a quarterly print and digital magazine. Her motto in life is “Seek joy, y’all.” Contact her by visiting

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  • Peggylou LaVenz
    Posted at 13:09h, 16 April Reply

    That was an awesome podcast Ladies! Thank you soooo much.
    Wheres the links for the free Cardomancer?
    Blessed Be Yall!!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 12:37h, 22 April Reply

      Use ETHONYROCKS at the checkout love 🙂

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