TRA TV & Podcast #5 Conversations with The Devil With Jenna Matlin

TRA TV & Podcast #5 Conversations with The Devil With Jenna Matlin

In this episode, Jenna Matlin and I discuss why The Devil card is an aspect of the inner saboteur, how we create rituals that reinforce our own negative self-talk and so much more!

Join Jenna Matlin and I as she leads us through Conversations with The Devil: Identifying the voice of the inner critic and engaging in Tarot allies to cope. This was one of the most fascinating conversations I have ever had around The Devil card and it is a must listen to!

To get the most out of this podcast and episode download the incredible FREEBIE which Jenna created and follow along as we explore:

  • Why The Devil is one of the most complex and interesting cards of the Major Arcana.
  • How the Devil is traditionally the lord of temptation, the thing we can’t say no to.
  • How this Tarot card indicates that there are issues surrounding truth or fiction, self-control, and obsession.
  • Why The Devil card is an aspect of the inner saboteur and how we create rituals that reinforce our own negative self-talk.
  • How we can differentiate between the self-destructive negative inner dialogue and the intuitive hit of real warning
  • Recommendations for working with The Devil Tarot card
  • Why it’s important to have a counter-voice, an ally card, to help pull yourself out of the cycle of self-sabotage
  • How anxiety is a symptom of a deeper belief and shows up the moment which reaches out from our comfort zones
  • How to recognize when the inner saboteur is engaged.
  • How The Devil card can also be about reckless abandon and positive aspect and how to confront our inner saboteur and be a part of the physical world
  • How The Devil in love can signify that you need to spend some quality time on your relationship.
  • And so much more.

Did you get the FREE download that Jenna created for this episode? It has been designed to allow you to minimize The Devil’s more anxiety driven aspects and hot to use the tarot to locate and engage your Ally and protector. It is a powerful exercise and I can not recommend it enough.

Jenna has two amazing books that you can check out too. Have Tarot Will Travel and Have Tarot Will Party. Jenna is the clairvoyant engine behind the Queen of Wands Tarot and she basically will rock your world with her readings. She is available for readings both face to face and online.

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7 thoughts on “TRA TV & Podcast #5 Conversations with The Devil With Jenna Matlin”

  1. Susan Ellis-Saller

    Loved this interview! So many good points about connecting with and working with the energy of the Devil card. I’m so excited about getting the handout!

  2. This was an incredible conversation! I learned more about the Devil card from this interaction than I ever could from any book or course. Ethony and Jenna, you TWO Gems have amazing chemistry. You should do one of these on all the major arcana and then publish it as a book. I’ll be the first to contribute with a pre-order. Please consider! 🙂 Jenna, you had me at Bananas, and Ethony at “WakE WakE Eggs and Bakie!” XO Amanda (Calliope Lyre)

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