Trick or Treat Halloween Tarot Spread

Trick or Treat Halloween Tarot Spread

Happy Halloween!!

This is a Tarot Spread that you can use for any Halloween.

In this Tarot Spread it uses the elements of going out trick or treating to explore different aspects of yourself. When we put on a costume or a mask we often choose something that is very different to our every day lives. This is because there is a desire that wants to be expressed. These desires if repressed can show up in negative ways but when we acknowledge them and allow them space in a healthy way we are integrating them into our lives.

I hope you enjoy this Tarot Spread.

Trick or Treat Tarot Spread

1. Costume – Who do you really want to be, deep down? What desire wants to be expressed?

2. Trick – What has you fooled?

3. Treat – Where is the gift?

4. Sour – What are you holding on to and need to let go of?

5. Sweet – What can you embrace more of, or do more of?

I love to see my Tarot Spreads in action. Please tag me on social media if you use this spread.

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