What to do When you Experience Magical and Spiritual Burnout?

What to do When you Experience Magical and Spiritual Burnout?

You may be recovering from Spiritual Burnout. If you are experiencing the following signs;

  • Your intuition may feel like it’s fuzzy or on the fritz
  • You don’t feel excited about your regular magical practices
  • Your path has stopped feeling like fun. Even a fun challenge may feel more like gruelling work
  • Your spells or divination isn’t giving you the results you desire
  • Your altars have more dust on them than magical tools
  • You feel disconnected from your guides

Let’s explore how to recover and heal from it.

How to Heal from Magical and Spiritual Burnout?

Give yourself a Break 

Give yourself permission to be human and have a break. Release the expectation that you can do everything all the time. You are your best advocate.

While this advice is for individuals, If you run a spiritual business, this applies to you. It can be scary to do this, but you’ll burn out if you don’t. So first, allow yourself to take a step back. An example; sending an email to your mailing list and letting them know you will have a break.

Unplug from Social Media

Social media is great and can also be a resource for inspirational and educational content. However, social media breeds comparison as well as mindlessly scrolling. Comparison is a thief of joy, which can lead to feeling like you’re not doing enough or good enough. And both of these things can drain your energy, leaving you to feel exhausted.

Did someone say PJ Day?!

I love the personal practice of a rest day! A day spent in my pyjamas, where I do as little as possible in the comfort of my sanctuary (bedroom). I start by getting an early night’s sleep and sleeping in as long as my body will let me (sometimes that’s most of the day). I try to do this on weekends when my son is with his father, but on days when I have him, I make sure his needs are met, the dogs have been taken out, and I let everyone know I’m taking time for myself. This means no social media and no cleaning, simply rest and relax!

During this time, I may read a physical book, watch Practical Magic for the 100th time, or binge-watch a TV series I adore, like Parks and Recreation.

Hobby Time

Create time and space for the hobby(s) you’ve ignored. Most of us have craft supplies, half-finished DYI projects, or want to learn a new skill. So block out time during the day or once a week and start making time for the things that interest you.

If you enjoy gardening, get outside and plant some flowers!

My Calendar is Wide Open

Give yourself the gift of being in flow with life.

Avoid making concrete plans. Instead, allow your energy to guide you in the direction it wants to go and pay attention to activities that make your body say, “FUCK YES!’

If it Isn’t Fun, Don’t Do It! 

It’s important to fill your day with things that bring you joy; for everyone, this may look different. Go to a water slide park, swim, take a road trip, or bake. Follow your happiness and create space for fun, whatever that looks like for you!

Feel and Deal with the Downs

Try not to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Work through them. Meditate, journal, cry, whatever you need to release those feelings and energy that have been present throughout the build-up of burnout.

Mary Poppins Ya’ll

Make time to clean out your apothecary and cleanse your space.

By physically and spiritually cleansing and decluttering your living space, you’re making space for new things to come into your life and releasing negative energy so that positive energy can come in.

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1 thought on “What to do When you Experience Magical and Spiritual Burnout?”

  1. Thank you. Honestly, I’ve felt burnt out since I got back from NWTS 2020 and immediately got Covid from my husband. It’s been a struggle to come back from how Covid and Post Covid Syndrome have affected my heart, and it’s been easier to live in survival mode. But I’ve recently had a lovely familiar-in-spirit encourage me to make the most of what I can do and that survival looks different for everyone. Before she passed, for her, it looked like enjoying good food and petpets, napping in the sunshine and finding soft places to sleep at night. It looked like playing with her favorite toys, even if her energy levels only allowed her to play for a few minutes a day. So, I think the timing of her passing this message to me in spirit and watching your video is perfect. Especially because, and I’m totally not kidding here, I’ve tried to watch this video in the past, but it wouldn’t work. It wasn’t time. But it is now, and I’m looking to find a new way to define survival and a new way to look at what a spiritual practice means to me. Thank you so much.

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