Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Cups

About The Cups

The Cups are all about offering emotional fullness. The Cups embody emotion, mood and fantasy. They represent the emotional pathway to make choices and shed light on negative feelings that are blocking our personal growth and decision-making capabilities. The Cups are the element of water, the season of autumn, the direction of west and the colour range of blue.

Two of Cups Upright Draw Keywords


mutual love



Two of Cups from The Modern Love Tarot
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Two of Cups Upright Draw Meaning

Indeed, this minor arcana card is one that denotes win-win situations. You have either recently entered a relationship or are starting one where the two of you feel supported by one another’s presence. The Two of Cups reveals a beautiful romance, deep harmony, and nourishing resonance between two souls in a reading. Outside of love, the Two of Cups is a sign of relationships. This could be a business partnership, friendship, or the companionship between humans and animals.

You might think that the Two of Cups is always about coupling. However, it is merely revealing what is happening within the individual. You’re probably feeling an upwelling of happiness and increased self-worth. To be so treasured by another is a wonderful feeling – and this card asks you to tap into that.

Two of Cups In Love and Relationships

Just as the image on this minor arcana card depicts, two people are coming together over something shared. Thus, when this card is drawn, those who are both casually dating or getting into a relationship can expect that there is something bigger on the horizon. An emotional attachment, perhaps? You must remember, however, that the two of you are going to come together moreover opportunities for “growth,” rather than just passion.

Two of Cups In Career And Finances

For your career, the Two of Cups means that you’re feeling comfortable at the present workplace. However, even though you feel appreciated, you might actually be unhappy. Thus, if you can, begin searching for a new place of employment.

Financially, the Two of Cups takes the same tone. You’re obviously not swimming in pools of gold. In fact, the pool is probably dry…and you’re scraping the bottom in search of nickels and dimes.

All the more reason to search for new work!


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Two of Cups Reversed: Draw Keywords





Two of Cups Reversed

When reversed, the Two of Cups tarot card meaning is not too far from what you probably already think: break-ups, trouble in paradise. Furthermore, there is a lack of trust between two individuals or an end without closure. Because you feel so disconnected from others, it has begun to affect your behaviors. Being unable to open up has caused you to close off your heart.

Two of Cups Reversed Love & Relationships

The reversed Two of Cups also reveals that there is tension in your partnership – loving or otherwise. You might not be seeing eye-to-eye. Communication feels broken and jagged. This can be the result of lacking mutual respect or treating one another poorly. Even when things feel okay, this card can show that what you feel is more physical than emotional. Expect such relationships to be fleeting.

Two of Cups Reversed Career & Finances

You don’t have to like everyone you work with or hang out with them outside of your 9-5. You do need to remain respectful and professional at work.

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Two of Cups: Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery

We are often shown on the Two of Cups, two people exchanging goblets at some ceremony. Since the two-snake caduceus is known to be affiliated with trade, negotiation, duality, and protection, it can be assumed that the Two of Cups is all about union, partnerships, respect, and balance. Furthermore, atop the caduceus is a lion’s head. This symbol of passion and fiery energy furthers the idea that these two people are coming together in more ways than one. They seem to have a deep sexual attraction for each other.

The Muse of Tarot For Two of Cups

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Adoria - The Muse of Love Tarot Readings

The Tarot card of true love; a deep connection between people and a relationship that can go the distance. There is, of course, work to be done, but the potential is real, and the attraction is more than mutual. It’s the card you want to see if you’re really into someone! Adoria is encouraging you to build connections between people and move towards each other.