King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Pentacles

King of Pentacles Upright Draw Keywords





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King of Pentacles Upright Draw Meaning

Like King Midas, the King of Pentacles is a person who can turn all they touch to gold. Wealth and experience have combined to create an invincible cornerstone of security. The King doesn’t have to struggle to achieve success like the Page or the Knight. The King has proven an ability to get things done; anything can be accomplished when thoughts and goals are focused.

In this light, any creative venture, business investment, or task you have set out to do is going to see a conclusion soon. You have been diligent. Now, great things are coming your way. Be ready to enjoy the richness this success brings to your life. For entrepreneurs, the King of Pentacles is also a wonderful sign. Since the King is business-oriented, it means that you too can create triumphant ventures and increase your profits. All you have to do is be industrious and manage your time (and employees) well.

Lastly, the King of Pentacles is a sign that you need to remain pragmatic. Now is not the time to think in terms of ideas. You need to keep it real. Rely on problem-solving skills rather than “what ifs.”

King of Pentacles In Love and Relationships

The King of Pentacles represents true love that doesn’t fade. However, for those who are in a relationship, it is a sign that while your love interest is not going to disappear from your life, they might be hesitant to take the steps to tell you how they feel…and thus the feeling will remain forever. Either way, you are going to want to show you are ready to commit to this individual in question if you want things to work out.

King of Pentacles In Career And Finances

The businessman of the Suit of Pentacles, The King is upstanding and surrounded by prosperity. Obviously, this brings good tidings into the world of work and finances. You can expect to see a lot of “green” in the workplace and in stocks, bonds, and other investments. As you work to be a pillar in the workplace, helping others and building camaraderie, your wealth gradually increases.


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King of Pentacles Reverse Draw Keywords




money driven

King of Pentacles Reverse Draw Meaning

Though the upright King of Pentacles seems like a straightlaced individual, the reversed version of this minor arcana card is the opposite. Those who draw the reversal have thrown practicality to the wind and are showing an excessive interest in food, alcohol, and carnal pleasure. You are also being overly possessive about the things that give you comfort.

Perhaps you have also become so desperate for money that you are doing anything for it. You are easily impressed by the titles others hold and wish to coddle them. You constantly name-drop in hopes of using the achievements of others as a way to boost your own worth. Doing this is going to create a negative reputation for you and could also hurt the people you are squelching off of. Work hard using your own abilities if you want to create lasting success.

King of Pentacles Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

No one likes a partner who is constantly checking up on them. There needs to be trust – if you can’t trust them, you’ve stumbled across a big issue that needs to be resolved.

King of Pentacles Reverse Draw Career and Finances

The reversed version of the King of Pentacles shows an overly possessive streak that causes you to want to be in control of everything. This won’t win you any friends, and it can potentially hurt your ability to succeed at work or school if you aren’t careful.

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Minors Pentacles C4 King

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a man built on worldly success, of fulfillment, ambition, and material satisfaction. His throne is covered in masculine symbols such as bulls. The robes this man wears are embroidered with grapevines–a sign of abundance. Regal and sophisticated, the King of Pentacles is powerful beyond measure, especially when it comes to material influence. He focuses on financial security and is willing to show off his prized possessions to others.

The Muse of Tarot For King of Pentacles

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Epiphany - The Muse of Problem-Solving Tarot Readings

While the King of Pentacles is an excellent leader, they tend to be (to say it delicately) stubborn as a mule. In a reading with Epiphany, this card is asking you to consider how flexible you are with your problem-solving. Be open to new ways of doing things. Brute force and determination don’t solve everything.

About The Pentacles

The Pentacles are all about rewarding efforts and the physical world. The Pentacles deal with our physical abilities and talents; they are about the relationships to personal service, as well as offering physical rewards for living those experiences. The ultimate quest shall be for the wisdom and the power to serve others, not the self. The Pentacles are the element of earth (think down-to-earth), the season of winter, the direction of south, and the colours green and brown.