King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Learning About The Minor Arcana - The Swords

King of Swords Upright Draw Keywords

intellectual prowess




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King of Swords Upright Draw Meaning

The King of Swords represents keen intellect, command, and omnipresent ruling. Grace under pressure is their modus operandi. Should the King of Swords appear in your reading, the Universe is clearly asking you to remain stoic in terms of what is happening in your life. Rather than relying on your heart, think with your attained knowledge and experiences. Remained detached in specific situations to solve problems with diplomacy and fact.

Moreover, the King of Swords suggests that you need to have clarity of mind when leading. This will make figuring out situations much less problematic. Though you may feel that sympathy is necessary, detachment is the most valuable skill right now. Don’t let your heart get in the way of doing research and making informed decisions.

The King of Swords may also appear as a real person who, despite behaving coldly towards you, is looking out for your best interests – such as an attorney or financial advisor. Listen to the relevant advice this person gives you, as it can apply to more than a single facet of your life. This individual will likely charge a pretty penny for their services (again, they are all pragmatics), but you will see the value of their aid in the end.

King of Swords In Love and Relationships

In love readings, the King of Swords means that a strong, opinionated man will come into your world. He may be a mentor, a lover, or your significant other. Learn to accept this person for who he is, and wherever you place yourself on the gender spectrum, you are going to have to summon up some feminine powers to deal with him. Show kindness, and you will be treated well in return. Be careful not to be mistreated, however. Should he become aggressive, protect yourself.

King of Swords In Career And Finances

For both men and women, you may have someone, usually male, at work who is behaving or talking to you in a way that is quite nettlesome. Deal with it for a time. You are simply being too sensitive, and if you endure long enough, you will find that he is doing his job. Indeed, he may very well come to your aid when you need it most. For women, know where to draw the line on this work relationship, but also don’t be too quick to go on the offensive.

As for finances, you need to fully grasp your situation—investments, bank accounts, savings, and much more—to be able to get yourself in a comfortable place. Hiding from the outstanding problems will solve nothing. You should, however, show some generosity with the less fortunate. By doing so, you will gain a reward you never expected.

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King of Swords Reverse Draw Keywords





King of Swords Reverse Draw Meaning

The Upright King of Swords is an incorruptible figure with a shrewd intelligence. When reversed, the King of Swords suddenly becomes a person that misuses their broad knowledge and authority to take advantage of everyone around them. Not only does this person show off their abilities, but they are also quick to criticize those who do not meet their expectations. This can apply not only to yourself but to someone else who influences you.

More than being a “loose cannon,” the King of Swords reversed is volatile in nature and will smear the reputations of those who speak little of them in the mud. When this is another person close to you, engaging with them will leave you feeling horrible and disillusioned.

Yet, the additional meaning of the reversed card is indecisiveness. You may be unsure what to do about this individual or cannot make an important choice about something going on in life. You are looking for something to inspire you. The longer you draw out your decision, the longer it will take to receive satisfaction. This irrationality is causing panic. Now, everything is delayed.

King of Swords Reverse Draw Love and Relationships

You may have been too focused on the big picture lately. You need to bring your focus onto your immediate loved ones. Someone who really needs you right now is likely under your nose.

King of Swords Reverse Draw Career and Finances

Do not agree to invest in anyone’s ideas without a solid business plan. No matter how much of a good idea it may be or how hard they sell it. Cover all of your bases.

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Minors Swords C4 King

Understanding the Rider Waite Imagery For King of Swords

Sitting upon a silvery throne is the King of Swords, a redoubtable figure grasping a double-edged, upward-pointing blade in their right hand. On the left hand is Saturn’s ring, which is a symbol that this King is taking their responsibilities seriously and doesn’t let their power go to their head. However, because this Minor Arcana card is of the Suit of Swords, it’s associated with action, change, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and conflict. Swords can also refer to hatred, enemies and out of all the suits; it is one of the most dangerous.

The Muse of Tarot For King of Swords

Tarot Muses are the divine creative source personified. They are invoked to provide support and space for your readings and lend their special gifts in realm of Tarot magic.

Divina - The Muse of Prophecy Tarot Readings

Life moves quickly and this card is a sign to pause and audit your life, situations, and choices before things get too carried away. When this card comes up in a reading with Divina, it’s time to clear out the junk so that the future can manifest without obstructions.

About The Swords

The Swords are about thinking and intellect. They represent the challenge, the road and the struggle we go through with truth and clarity. The Swords are challenging us to move our minds into the realm of wisdom. The Swords are the element of air, the season of spring, the direction of east and the colour yellow.