11 Witchcraft & Magic Books That Shaped Me As a Witch – Witchling Years – Teenager

11 Witchcraft & Magic Books That Shaped Me As a Witch – Witchling Years – Teenager

In this post, I share the books that helped shape my witchcraft, and why they worked for me growing up.
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Like most witches, I love books. My bookcases are bursting at the seams with more books than I will probably ever get to read this lifetime. When I discovered Wicca, Witchcraft and Tarot I read EVERYTHING I could about the subject. I devoured books as fast as I could. Some of them really stuck with me, they changed me. They opened my world and they lead me home because finding the craft felt like coming home.

The 11 books I’m about to share shaped me as a witch. They vary in subject matter – witchcraft, magic, tarot, paganism, Wicca, and there’s even a fiction book.

A few notes before we begin:

  • These books are ones that had an impact on me. My choices have nothing to do with the credibility of the author or whether or not they are a good person.
  • I don’t believe everything I read in books and neither should anyone.
  • These books are important to me because they helped me forge my own path. What helps you forge yours may be completely different.
  • Keep in mind what was available in the ’90s was a lot different from what is available now. We are lucky to have SO much more now.

In the video, I am going to go more in-depth into each book so if you want the full story make sure you watch my video too!

The Learned Arts of Witches and Wizards – Anton and Mina Adams

This was the very first book on witches that I ever read where they were not the bad guy in a movie or associated with evil but instead, people who work in tune with nature and use their gifts to help others. I was blown away. I found this book at a library while researching an essay for school and used my lunch money to photocopy more than half the book (totally worth it).

This book opened the door and changed my life. The copy that I have now is still the first copy of the book I bought.

The Penguin Dictionary of Classical Mythology

I loaned this book out of my high school library more times than I can count. It sparked my love affair with the Greek Pantheon, to which my Matron and Patron Goddess are part of. It’s packed full of information and I really liked the family trees in it. I love this book so much I still read it, even though it is a dictionary.

Teen Witch – Silver RavenWolf

This book was EVERYTHING to me as a teenager. From the cool-looking teen witches on the cover to the spells in it I did (and yes, they worked a treat!). It was what my little teen witch heart was longing for and got. It was totally related to me as a student.

At the time it was such a pillar in my craft that I still love it to this day for that reason. Just holding the book takes me back to watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed in my room while handwriting spells in my book of shadows. It is also what inspired me to start my own teen witch group, the first group of many that I have run over the last couple of decades.

Witchcraft a Beginners Guide – Teresa Moorey

I really love Teresa’s writing style and devoured this book. I have a number of her books which I’ll be sharing in another list. The question and answer format was great and is easy to get straight-up information at a time before you could Google anything. I have read this more than once.

Witch – A Magickal Journey – Fiona Horne

Part memoir part ‘how to witch’, this book was a huge part of my witchcraft as a teen. Fiona is a well known and proud Australian Witch and singer. As a young witch, it was awesome to see her on TV and be who she was without apology.

I no longer have my first edition copy so I was really glad to see it in my local library. The original cover is the same though and brings back great memories.

Wicca – Scott Cunningham

This is one of those books that I recommend that every Witch read. Especially if they are interested in Wicca as a religion and spiritual practice (as not all witches are Wiccan). It’s a classic for a reason. It has a Book of Shadows at the back which was great to see an example of how to organize and work with a BOS as a solitary witch. I still use recipes and incantations in this book to this day.

Book of Shadows – Phyllis Curott

This is a memoir that I adored. Phyllis was a lawyer in New York who found the goddess. There are lovely rituals and rites in the book. You get to walk a year and a day, and beyond with the author as she does the work in a group setting to become a Wiccan witch. I found it so inspiring (even though some of the historic facts in it are a little wrong). I also adore her second book Witchcrafting which was released in my 20’s.

The Complete Book of Witchcraft – Raymond Buckland

This is the only book I was unable to get a copy for this post as my original is in storage in Australia (full of notes and stuffed with extra pages of writing).  It is one of those books that is an excellent primer for the craft. It is written in lesson format and covers pretty much all that you need to know to get started. I personally think that Raymond is a little… creepy… but he did a lot for the craft. When I gave this to people who studied with me I would say, take his seriousness and his obsession with sex with a big grain of salt.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick – Silver RavenWolf

This is the first of three in her series and I have all three originals in Australia. I enjoyed these books and adapted a lot of rituals in there. It has a good suggested reading list in the chapters if found helpful. I remember copying out her tables into my personal book of shadows, I was a big fan of hers as a teenager.

Dragonsbane and Dragon Search – Patricia C. Wrede

While technically two books, they are part of a series I’ve loved and read a number of times. There is a specific passage that talks about the weaving of magic and how it is seen and felt that resonated so deeply with me. It’s I see magic and how my clairvoyance works. These books imprinted on me in a profound way, even though they were fiction. This was the first fantasy book I can remember reading where the main character was a woman who did what she wanted and lived her life. She was a BOSS and the main dragon is a female too. It was a game-changer for me. Before that, The Hobbit was just as important but for different reasons ( and there were no central women characters) and Harry Potter was a few years away from reaching Australia.

The Mythic Tarot and The Mythic Tarot Book – Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene

This was my very first tarot deck and as a Greek Mythology deck, it made sense that I picked it since I’m a huge mythology lover. It was my very first entry into the world of the tarot and became so intertwined with my craft that one does not exist without the other in my world. I have the original run which I prefer and it to this day is one of my tarot treasures.

So that is my list of books that shaped my Witchcraft as a teenager. I would love to hear from you or see a video on the books that shaped you as a witch. Looking for more advanced book recommendation? Check out my blog post Top 10 Books for the Experienced Witch!

Until Next week...

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  1. Hi Ethony, I love your list – many of my own faves also when I was a teenager in the 90s. The Mythic was also my first deck and I love her now as battered and used as she is. The original art which I also prefer. lol.

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