6 Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey

6 Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey

Ways that you can incorporate the Tarot into your daily life and spiritual practices.

Hi Tarot Hunni Buns. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the ways that you can incorporate the Tarot into your daily life and spiritual practices. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  

Your goal with your daily practices with the Tarot may be to learn and/or deepen your knowledge of the meanings of the cards. Or it could be that you want to use the Tarot for contemplation.  

The Tarot and your relationship with it is completely personal. It may be a tool that you work with without any spiritual connection or it can be a companion on your life long spiritual journey.

1. Morning Draws

You wake up to the birds singing and you float gloriously to your altar, makeup and hair perfect, and you pull a Tarot card for the day ahead and meditate on the energies of the card for 20 minutes before you begin your perfect day. For most of us, this is not the way we start our day. I wake up to a toddler whose first words are usually ‘I’m hungry’, so my daily draws are done sometime after breakfast. Morning draws can be a way to see what energy is in store for you for the day ahead; so it is more of a divinational vibe. Or you can ask something along the lines of ‘what energy do I need to be aware of today or what lesson am I learning today?’, in which everything is it all about intention. You can leave the card on your altar if you wish.

Justice Bonefire Tarot

2. Nightly Draws

This kind of works in the same way, but just at night. This is more of a reflective practice. You could also ask about the next day, or ask about the meaning of something that happened during the day.

One of the great things about doing daily draws is that you get to know your deck well and can apply it to real world experiences and people.

3. Invoking the Energy or Archetype

This is one of my favorite ways to work with the magic of the Tarot. Let’s say you have a big meeting at work or a presentation that you would like to have some good vibes for. You can pull the Tarot Card that aligns with giving you a boost of courage etc and use that as the energetic archetype to aid you during the day. Leaving the Tarot card on your altar or even better, have your Tarot Talisman with you in your purse or wallet, may give you connection and confidence too.

Some examples, and every card can be used for this.

Tarot ReadingCourt or Legal Matters – Justice (make sure you aren’t actually in the wrong, cause Justice is not going to be your friend)

Presentation – The Magician

Travel – The Chariot

Exam – The Hierophant

We all work magic in different ways but I can give you an example of how you can do it. I would take the Tarot Card that I have chosen for my work and take it to my altar, light my Spirit candles, concentrate the card and call in the energies of the card. I am working from a Witchie perspective, but you can ask your angels or guides, or just use the collective consciousness energy of that particular card. Some of us like ritual or will need time to visualize with it; others will be able to connect quickly.  There is no right or wrong way.

4. Protection or Reflection of an Energy

The practice also works the other way around. Say you are having issues with someone at work. You could bring in some bullish energy like the Knight of Swords, but it will probably make matters worse. This is where a whole lot of love is a much better idea. You could choose the Queen of Cups (I call her my Healer) or The Empress and not only put love around yourself (so that there is no energy for agitation) but also change your view on things (compassion is a powerful energy).

You can then work with the Queen of Cups to heal the connection or disagreement and send her love. I know this can sound like some new-age hippy stuff but a fire needs fuel. You choose what fuel you throw on it.

If you would like protection, bring in a protective figure like The Emperor or the Ten of Pentacles; whichever card feels right for your situation. I do recommend that you read a little about the card too. Did the artist put in a symbol you can use for a further talismen? That is taking it a step further, but it can be powerful.

The power of journaling for your Tarot practice5. Journalling

You can journal any way you choose. You can write about your day using the card as an inspiration for art, poetry, fiction writing, etc. You can draw a card and channel write. You can make your own Tarot Grimoire, hand writing your personal meanings with a special deck. The only suggestion I would have is to not censor yourself in your journal. There are not a lot of places and spaces where you are free from judgement or correction; make this one of them.

I suggest you check out the awesome Journals of Tiferet Tarot who has shared some incredible pages of his Tarot Journal.

Meditation6. Meditation Aid

The Tarot can be an excellent tool for meditation. There is an exercise that I have for my students at the Tarot Readers Academy for entering the cards as a way to understand them and enter into relaxing state for contemplation.

Sometimes we need something to focus on in order to relax. I know it sounds a little silly but, I am one of those people. By using the card as a focus point, you can see things that maybe you have missed before in the cards.

These are just some examples for how you can use the Tarot in your everyday practice. How do you use the Tarot? Do you have any specific rituals or favorite ways to utilize this awesome tool. I would love to hear from you all.

Until Next week...

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  2. Thank you for this.
    I have a connection with numbers too, so everytime I see a number trying to send me a message I translate it into the card that relates.

    I also sleep with them. I choose a card I feel I need to empower within me and I sleep with it under my pillow.
    I have 3 decks so far, so I use the same card from each deck.
    Actually, last night at the Sagittarius New Moon I slept with The Moon and felt asleep focusing my thought and sensibility towards the “invisible” moon light lighting down on me.

    >> http://www.magiadeangel.info/blog

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