Basics of Sigil Magic | Manifest Your Dream Life

Basics of Sigil Magic | Manifest Your Dream Life

In this blog post and video tutorial I walk through what exactly Sigils are, how to use them, why they are powerful tools and how they can create BIG positive change in your life!
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Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Want to attract wealth in your life without even thinking about it? I’ve got a solution for you! Working with Sigil magic helps you lock, keep, attract, and manifest magic in your life by creating your own personal symbols. In this SUPER EASY TUTORIAL, I walk through what exactly Sigils are, how to use them, why they are powerful tools and how they can create BIG positive change in your life! Check out the video above for greater detail and a walkthrough of me creating a sigil. Let’s get started!

What are sigils?

Sigils are a symbol designed to house, store and empower a complete idea or outcome. Sigils are designed to be absorbed, whether that’s in a water solution or even in your subconscious mind. When we place them on an object, they become subconscious keys to unlock magic and manifestation.

What material to use

In the video, I use homemade paper and a pen to create my sigil, and then I copy it onto a wooden disk. Once you have your glyph, you can get creative and add it to anything. Sigils can be put in jewelry, spell candles, protective wards on the house, artwork, sew it into your clothing; there’s literally nothing you can’t do.

What to write

When you’re writing your statement, you want to use only positive words, much like an affirmation. If you’re using negative words, you’re bringing that spell into your sigil, and you DON’T want that. Be crystal clear with what you want, so there’s no room for miscommunication. Also, use the present tense as if you’ve already achieved the goal, and this is your outcome.

Creating the sigil

Once you have your affirmation, the next step is to cross out any vowels or repeating letters. Take the remaining letters that are left and write them over each other. I’d recommend doing this larger than your normal writing size so you can see the final product clearly. It can and will get a little messy.

Edit the glyph down

This step helps it become more appealing to the eye and kind of just connects everything. Play around with this step.

Copy the sigil out

Copy the completed and edited glyph out and add some creative elements. Make it look pretty to you. Once you’re happy with the symbol, you can add it to your material of choice. Get creative!

Empower your sigil

When you empower your sigil, you’ll place it in your hand and visualize the lines in your mind. This visualization looks different for everyone. Once that’s done, it’s been activated!

You want to place your sigil where you’ll be able to see it a lot. What it does is unlock the part of your brain where it’s sitting and is being absorbed into your subconscious. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and video and learned something new. I love working with sigils, and I hope you will too.

Until Next week...

2 thoughts on “Basics of Sigil Magic | Manifest Your Dream Life”

  1. Fabulous information Ethony, I didn’t know anything about sigils and they are fascinating. Thank you for another straight to the point video and post, I love them!
    I’m also loving my Modern Love Tarot and Awakened Soul Oracle.

  2. This is excellent Ethony ! Thank you so much! I am NOW a huge fan of SIGILS! And it’s so much fun making them ! Thank you

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