Faerie Magic 101

Faerie Magic 101

Today we're talking about Faerie Magic. Do you have things go missing without explanation? Are you experiencing random spills or breaks? This could be Faeries tricking you.
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Hello, my Tarot Bumblebees,

Today we’re talking about faerie magic. Do you have things go missing without explanation? Are you experiencing random spills or breaks? This could be faeries tricking you. First off, faeries are not as cute and innocent as they appear in films. They are tricksy and temperamental wee things. Harry Potter had it right with their interpretation of cornish pixies. The fae shouldn’t be trifled with. They can seriously f*** your s*** up.

The fae are very connected to the land, so wherever you are in the world, you’re encountering a different type of faerie. As they’re elemental beings, there are many different types of them out there, though you may feel drawn to working with one specific type. Always, always be respectful when working with the fae. Make sure you research the type of fae you want to work with. You want to cultivate a relationship while being extremely respectful. Trust me; you don’t want to piss them off.

How to build a relationship with the fae

When you’re working with any nature spirit or faerie, make sure you’re giving as well as receiving. You can leave offerings of milk and honey, a lock of your hair, or a bead or two at the foot of a tree or a faerie door. This is a great way to give back. Want to take it a step up? Clean up the land that you’re walking on. If you’re hiking through a forest filled with fae and you spot garbage on the path, pick it up!

Faerie doors have also become very popular as of late. Traditionally, they are small doors that are left at the base of a tree, and behind them would be a space where you can leave an offering, a wish, or message.

How do you see faeries?

Seeing faeries can be a natural thing for some people; it can be something you’re born with. If that isn’t you, that’s totally OK; it’s something that everyone has to work at, in one way or another. The best way to start your faerie vision training is to go out in nature and find somewhere quiet. Even better, find a rock or a base of a tree to sit against. If you want to find water elemental faeries sit near a creek or a lake. Shift your focus so the environment around you is a bit fuzzy; it’s not about focusing on anything. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the sound and feel of nature around you. Open your eyes with a soft focus and allow yourself time to see if you can find the fae.

I have always embraced my inner faerie and I truly believe magic is all around me. I think this has helped me stay connected to the realm of the fae. Alright, my lovelies, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the blog post and video!

Until Next week...

2 thoughts on “Faerie Magic 101”

  1. Isabella Ferrari

    Hi! A few days ago I built a little house for the fae and I put it next to my thyme plant as I read they love it.
    Although a lot of people said is a bad idea as I could attract negative energies. I also put there some honey just to welcome them. Can I have your opinion? Also should I leave daily offers or every so often?

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