Full Moon In Aries Tarot Spread

Full Moon In Aries Tarot Spread

This Full Moon in Aries Tarot Spread can be used at every Aries Full Moon for those of you who love to sling Tarot and or Oracle cards. This spread focuses on using the energy of the Aries Moon to your advantage and not to let your desire and passion turn into unproductive anger.

Anyone aligned to this Warrior Moon is going to feel ready for a fight. People may trigger you and try to get you to verbally spar with them. Being conscious of cosmic influences is going to allow you to bypass any unnecessary drama. If however, you have to reclaim your boundaries, do it and stand up for yourself.

Tarot Tip for this Tarot Spread

How does this month’s reading make you feel? When you check in with your feelings, ask yourself if you are being asked to incorporate a shadow aspect of yourself.

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