Shop With Me at Michaels (Halloween Edition) + Haul & Giveaway

Shop With Me at Michaels (Halloween Edition) + Haul & Giveaway

Come shop with me at the second happiest place on earth, today I’m going to Michaels. The new Halloween collection has just started to hit the shelves and I’m dying to see what they have.
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Come shop with me at the second happiest place on earth, today I’m going to Michaels. The new Halloween collection has just started to hit the shelves and I’m dying to see what they have.

If you’re a Halloween obsessed individual like me, you already know how magical it can be during the season. Michael’s doesn’t just throw a few skulls and spiders out and call it a day, no ma’am. They have the classic spooky elements but they’ve also added a mystical collection (my personal fav!!) and a gothic pastel collection this year.

Trust me, you can’t start picking out your new holiday pieces at the last minute. Michaels starts dropping their collection in August and if you’re not quick enough, everything you want will be gone! If you’re lucky enough to have a Michaels near you, I’d recommend to run, not walk to the Halloween section. For those of you who don’t, I’ve thought of you. I’m doing a big giveaway of some of my favorite pieces.

If you can’t hear me super well due to the mask and my uncontrollable excitement, be sure to watch my collective haul at the end. I’ll share with you all the pieces I couldn’t pass on and the items you could win in the giveaway!!

Grab your mask, your favorite pointy hat, and let’s get shopping!

The Giveaway Before Halloween

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There are 11 prizes to win! Each item will be given to a winner at random. 
Giveaway closes 14th September 2020

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38 thoughts on “Shop With Me at Michaels (Halloween Edition) + Haul & Giveaway”

  1. Kathy Konetzka-Close

    What a fun video! So any wonderful things to look at—I already ordered the hanging planchette on the website. LOL
    Please enter my name in the giveaway.

  2. Loved your video! I was oogling all the stuff. You guys are so lucky! I live in India hence you can imagine my fascination and newness of these exciting pieces !

  3. My Dear Ethony, I have been following you for years, and today was just the Best!!!! You absolutely made me feel normal. I get the excitement & the sheer joy, that you were experiencing in the store. I’m like that about most things in my life, which is very uncomfortable for most people, including my adult children . I’m always too much for people. By the way, Michael’s should be paying you. Halloween is 3 days after my birthday, Mom used to say if I had waited 3 more days would have been born a witch, instead of a bitch. Thank you, thank you, & thank you. Much Love & Blessings Heather

  4. i had so much fun watching the video shopping that i skedaddled over to Michael’s to find that all of those luscious paper pads were out of stock ☹️ no wheel of fortune spinner no awesome hands
    i walked out empty handed…
    but, i shall not fret as there is another Michael’s in another area i can try tomorrow

  5. Rin Vanderhaeghe

    Omg everything is so freaking cute!! Do I enter your giveaway and sign up for the mailing list by commenting? Definitely dont want to miss any of your content! ❤

  6. Its a treat to watch you shop Halloween. Thanks for dressing up and giving us all a preview. You found that other hand amazing!

  7. I’m so envious, we just don’t get so much stuff in the UK. I would be going wild if we had a Michaels here. Even if the teens tell me they’ve grown out of Halloween, I’d be getting lots.

  8. IDK WHY I’m only just now finding you but I’m grateful I did! Although I’ve only read a few blog posts & watched 2 videos~I’m already feeling Blessed! Your energy is so powerful & your vibration is so high that I can literally feel it radiating through my screen! (& I haven’t even gotten to any recent posts yet! LOL!)
    Unfortunately, It looks as if I’m an entire month too late for entering you amazing giveaway, but if my intuition serves me correctly (& it usually does), I’m already one of your “Winners” …As its an Honor to be a part of this Group & get to glance into your Magickal World!

    ~With Much Graditude,
    Your Newest Subscriber; Erica~

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