How to Celebrate Ostara and the Spring Equinox

How to Celebrate Ostara and the Spring Equinox

Welcome to my Modern Witches Guide to Celebrating the Witches Sabbat of Ostara. These are suggestions and inspiration for you to create your own experiences and traditions for this wonderful sabbat.
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Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Welcome to my Modern Witches Guide to Celebrating the Witches Sabbat of Ostara. Before I jump in, please note that I don’t speak for everyone in the community. These are just suggestions and inspiration for you to create your own experiences and traditions. You’re still a witch even if you don’t celebrate any of the Wiccan holidays; your craft and spiritual journey are as individual as you are.

What is Ostara, and why do Witches celebrate it?

Ostara is a sabbat on the witch’s wheel of the year that marks the Spring Equinox. On that day, not only are we welcoming the promise of spring with longer and warmer days, but the length of the day and the night are equal in light and darkness.

Ostara is one of my favorite sabbats. The flowers start to bud (my hayfever goes nuts), baby animals are welcomed into the world, and the glorious sun is started to make the days more and more joyous.

In many mythology tellings, the Goddess seen in her maiden form blooms in her fertility, which is mirrored in the growth in the fauna and flora. The God’s strength increases, as reflected in the days getting longer and warmer.

When is Ostara?

In the Northern Hemisphere, Ostara falls between the 20th and 22nd of March. In the Southern Hemisphere between the 20th and the 22nd of September. I recommend that you consult your local almanac to determine the date the equinox falls on every year.

Modern Witch Celebrations

  • Cast any spells around rebirth and regeneration. Spring brings with it new growth and possibilities. Work with all kinds of magic to inject some new energy into the areas of your life that need a restart.
  • Set your Ostara altar with symbols of the season. Eggs, hares, lambs, flowers (especially local spring flowers that you know you can safely pick). The colors of Ostara are green, robin egg blue, yellow and pink. Think soft pastels.
  • Have a chocolate egg hunt, it is a fun tradition, and you can still do it as a witch. Eggs have special significance as hens start to lay eggs around the spring equinox, so this is why they are connected to Pagans and farmers.
  • Get into the garden and do some planting for the season.
  • Spring clean! It’s a perfect time for you to open all the windows in your house, clean the nooks and crannies and Marie Kondo your stuff and give what you can to charity.
  • Welcome in the Goddess Eostre into your working space. Her myths and magic are connected to Spring. Persephone is another Goddess associated with the earth coming back to life.
  • Have a spring witches brunch with eggs featured in most of the dishes: egg sandwiches, quiches, omelets, or cheesy pasta. Leafy greens with edible flowers are a wonderful accompaniment. To top it all off, finish with chocolate goodies. If you’re a meat-eater, you can also eat fish, lamb, and hare. Of course, you can use substitutes.
  • Compost!
  • Go for a walk or hike in the country and do some nature watching.

Modern Witch Crafts

  • Make an Ostara egg tree. Hollow out eggs and paint them with color correspondences and symbols of the magic you want to create and bring forth throughout Spring. You can even put a tiny scroll inside the egg. Glue some ribbon to it and hang it from a tree. Everyone in the family or coven can do this as well. If you’re vegan, you can try a paper variation of the same ritual.
  • Press spring flowers for your book of shadows.
  • Make a pinecone and peanut butter bird feeder (just please do not put the string on it unless it’s biodegradable)
  • Make seedling pots out of milk cartons and grow some plants; you can even gift them.
  • Get the kiddies involved and make some Ostara rabbit and egg crafts.

Anything you choose to do to mark the Sabbat can be your way of practicing your craft. You do not need to have a significant ritual. You can make yourself a cup of tea and bird watch in your garden while acknowledging the spring or do something more elaborate. It just has to mean something to you.

Until Next week...

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