My Favourite Summer Tarot Decks

My Favourite Summer Tarot Decks

It's heating up out there, and it's time to crack out the hottest decks of the season! As many of you know, I like to change my tarot collection as the season's turn. Here are the decks that I'm going to be bringing out this season to work with.
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Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

It’s heating up out there, and it’s time to crack out the hottest decks of the season! As many of you know, I like to change my tarot collection as the season’s turn. Here are the decks that I’m going to be bringing out this season to work with. Now, these decks are not in any particular order; it’s just the number of decks I’ve chosen. Now let’s jump in:

1. Romantic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Let’s start with the Romantic Tarot, which is by Lo Scarabeo. It’s a really fun and passionate deck, not only for romantic vibes but for the summer vibes.

2. New Earth Tarot

I have had this deck since 2018, and I haven’t played with it enough. She was calling and begging me from the shelf. This is a round tarot deck, and it’s got a really amazing workbook. I love the fact that it is really bright, which is one reason I was drawn to it for the summer.

3. Gaian Tarot

I love this decks images and how the guidebook is big and juicy. It just really gives me those summer vibes. Summer here is very different from summer in Australia. In Australia, it’s just really hot, whereas here, it’s a different kind of feeling with all these lush green trees.

4. Star Tarot

This deck is by Cathy McClelland, and I recently bought the second edition to this, and I’m in love! It’s so beautiful and it’s quickly becoming the deck that I want to work with all the time.

5. Mermaid Tarot

The Mermaid Tarot is a very summer-themed deck. I love the water, and I love the ocean. The artwork is by Julie Dilon, and Lisa Robinson has written the guidebook. It’s just so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off it. It makes me want to go swimming in the ocean.

6. Liminal Tarot (out of print)

This deck is by Penelope Cline; I bought a couple of copies of this deck because I love it so much, even though it’s more Thoth based, and I’m a bit more of a rider waiter girl. There is just something exclusive about this deck, it’s between the worlds, and it’s also very bright.

7. Golden Girls Tarot

This fun deck was created by Chantel Sousa. It’s done so well considering it’s a themed deck. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet so I figured this was the perfect time to bring it out. I can’t wait to read some sass with these sassy ladies.

8. Heroine Tarot

This deck is beautiful. I backed it on Kickstarter and I can’t wait to get to know this deck and work with it through the summer.

9. Superlunaris Tarot

It is a new deck in my collection. It’s another one I back on Kickstarter. It’s come to be one of my favourites. It’s inclusive, modern and vibrant. 10/10

10. How To Be a Wildflower Oracle

This is the one oracle deck on my list. It was gifted to me through a swap. It’s a really sweet affirmation deck. I love the bright watercolours so much.

Alright, these are the 10 decks that I’ll be reading with this summer. Are you changing out your decks? If yes, let me know in the comments below which decks you’re drawn to work with.

Until Next week...

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