New Moon In Libra Tarot Spread and Moon Energy Forecast

New Moon In Libra Tarot Spread and Moon Energy Forecast

Hi Tarot Tribe, we are coming up to New Moon time again soon. We have the New Moon in Libra on the 19th of October in 2017 and like with all New Moons, it is a wonderful time to set goals for the coming lunar cycle.

I have a new Tarot spread for you all, of course, and I also wanted to share with you a little bit about the energies of the New Moon in Libra and how we can work with the cosmic vibes at this time.

As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

It is often true that Librans love to be in love and as with all relationships, there is a dance between being in love and being a part of a couple, and knowing who you are as an individual person. If you have been a little too co-dependent recently, reach out to your friends and spend some time nurturing those relationships.

Conversely, if you haven’t been fostering the connection in your relationship, book a night or weekend to reconnect.

If you are looking for love this is a perfect moon to manifest a new relationship, so get out that pink candle and your favorite love spell. Professional babes looking for funding partners for a new venture or a new business partner should take advantage of this moon as well.

This is a wonderful time to negotiate, re-negotiate and make agreements where everyone comes out a winner. You will find that people are more open to these conversations around this moon energy. Look at ways that you can collaborate in all that you do.

With the theme of balance, it is an opportune time to re-engage with the work that you love to do in the world. Maybe that is spending more time on a passion project that has been neglected for a while or creating because it feels good.

With all of those Moon energies in mind, let’s look now at the New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread.

New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

New Moon in Libra Spread

This Tarot Spread can be used at the New Moon in Libra every calendar year. It is a lovely spread that harnesses the energy of the Moon and allows you the time and space to get some equilibrium into your life and spiritual journey.

  1. How can I bring more balance to my interpersonal life?
  2. How can I bring more balance into my professional life?
  3. How can I create more of the work I love in the world?
  4. Where in my life am I being asked to negotiate?
  5. Where in my life am I being asked to re-negotiate?

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Theme song for this New Moon – From a very famous Libran man:

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  1. Today is my birthday so this spread is perfect for me! (As for celebrities born who share my birthday – Richard Dreyfuss and John Lithgow, not to mention John Edward, Sylvia Browne.)

    Question: Do you draw the lovely art of the women on your spreads? Or do you have an artist in your pocket?

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