New Moon Tarot Spread

The New Moon in Aries is happening on Saturday the 18th 2015.

I for one am super excited to leave this waning moon behind I have been clearing and cleansing like a mofo and it has NOT been pleasant. Necessary but not pleasant. I have been so freaking sick. That is why I have not posted a video in a couple of weeks. Sorry about that I will be back soon.

So bring on the New Moon!

I for one am going to be using this Tarot Spread and if you want me to take a look at your cards and give you some of my interpretations please send me a message on my Facebook Page or Tag me on Instagram or Tumblr in your post and I will take a peek. Cause I  love you all!

This Tarot Spread can be used at any New Moon for you to help set your intention and energy alignment for the following moon phase.

Enjoy lovelies.

New Moon Tarot Spread

New Moon Tarot Spread
1. Moon Energies – what energies are abundant for me during this new moon cycle?

2. Energy Assist – what can I do to aid or ease it?

3. Goals – what goals or challenges should I set for this moon cycle?

4. Drift – what do I need to let go of from the last moon cycle?

5. Advice – what advice do my spirit guides have for me for this moon cycle?



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