When is the right (and wrong) time to spill the Tarot Tea?

When is the right (and wrong) time to spill the Tarot Tea?

As Tarot readers, we're privy to a lot of juicy information about people’s lives. With all of those cards hitting the reading table, intuitive hits, psychic insights, and clients laying their lives bare, you may wonder when the right and wrong times are to spill the tea?
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As Tarot readers, we’re privy to a lot of juicy information about people’s lives. We know who has been sneaking around on whom. We know to look out for Becky in accounting because she’s definitely after the querent’s job.

We witness clients in their pain, confusion, heartbreak, and breakthroughs (it’s work that I feel honored to do.) With all of those cards hitting the reading table, intuitive hits, psychic insights, and clients laying their lives bare, you may wonder when the right and wrong times are to spill the tea?

The “tea” is sensitive information, juicy gossip, or the cold hard truth.

It could be a hard truth or something that may disrupt the client’s life in ways they’re not ready for. When the tea has been spilled, there’s no putting the liquid information back in the cup.

Some clients come to the Tarot, knowing that they are in a hard place or suspect their significant other is cheating on them. Sometimes you get information that is unknown to the client, is sensitive, and could have massive repercussions if you share it.

An example.

I read the Tarot at a corporate Christmas party event, where I was carrying out one to three card readings for people who wanted them. One of the people I gave a reading to was a woman in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Her question was about the final trimester and the birth of her child. The cards were not fantastic. They weren’t The Tower (thank goodness), but they weren’t great. Alongside this, the ‘I got a bad feeling about this’ vibes cut through the noise and cheeriness of the surrounding party. I didn’t see anything earth-shattering in the cards, but they did show there would be complications.

I had a choice at that moment as the Tarot professional. Do I say precisely what I’m reading, or do I work with it in a way that empowered this woman to make informed choices about her future? All without scaring the shit out of her and ruining her night.

I chose the latter. I asked her if her doctor gave her any specific medical advice to follow for the final trimester. She said yes, but that she was not being very good about following it. I kindly affirmed that it was best that she took that doctor’s recommendation seriously and start to put herself first. I told her to let go of the notion that she has to work harder than everyone else because she was leaving for maternity leave in 3 months.

If I had told her that I saw complications, her mind would have gone to the worst-case scenario. The stress would have done no good for her and her unborn child; she would carry that information with her from that day on. What she did with it was up to her, but she would not have been able to un-hear it. Plus, I’m not a medical professional, and I did not have all of the information. I did my job as a Tarot reader; I still told her the message; I was just mindful of the delivery and kept to my ethics.

In case you’re ever in this situation, here are a couple of things for you to reflect on so that you have a clearer idea of how you want to act.

Are you, as the reader, just a vessel for the message?

Some Tarot readers believe that all of the information that they receive is fair game. The reader will spill secrets without worrying about the repercussions. They believe that they wouldn’t be shown anything from the Tarot or their intuition that they weren’t supposed to communicate. They are the vessel, and the message was asked for, and they’re there to deliver without a filter.

How much responsibility do you feel you have as a Tarot Reader?

Some readers believe that they are partially responsible as the professional for the delivery of the message. This doesn’t mean that you put the harder cards in a Tarot reading back into the deck, keep going until a more favorable card comes up, or lie to your querents. It means that while you receive the raw message, you’re in control of what is heard by your client.

Remember; Seeds can grow into poison plants.

Seeds are powerful things, and they can grow rapidly. Many people seek out a Tarot reader because they are in an open place looking for guidance. Sometimes their life has gone to shit, and they are scared and hurt. It’s fertile soil. Do you want to plant seeds that will help your client build a better life or instead leave your client feeling worse than they did when they walked in?

Hard conversations and difficult topics are going to come up in readings frequently. My advice is not to lie and to choose kindness and compassion whenever you can. Spill the tea; just put some sugar in the cup first.

This blog post was featured in the (amazing!!) Esotoracle Magazine, I’ll link it here for you all.

Until Next week...

5 thoughts on “When is the right (and wrong) time to spill the Tarot Tea?”

  1. Thank you, Ethony,, you’re right. These are really important guidelines and insights for all Witch sisters out there. Blessing ✨

  2. Great advice! I once did a reading where the client wanted info on finding true love. I had also asked for some info on what went on in her past. The card I first pulled had a naked woman and I kid you not, I heard the words “stop being a slut.” I was shocked and had to really think about how I was going to relay the message to a complete stranger. I tried my best to give her empowering advice about who she gives her va-jayjay to. She did write back telling me that she needs to stop sleeping around. Talk about spilling tea!

  3. Excellent advise !
    Thank you !
    I also had a “rule” not to read for pregnant women because once I thought for sure I was tuning into the unborn child and that freaked me out a bit … so I just
    Decided not to ever do that ! Has that ever happened to you ?!!!
    Thanks for all your wisdom !!!! Now Go have some tea !!!!

  4. Thank You. That was wonderful advice. I am a Registered Nurse so I am used to discussing difficult subjects. I am a divine Tarot reader and I plan on focusing on the positive but if something challenging comes up I obviously will have to address it sensitively. I appreciate any advice you have as I plan on tacking starting my Tarot reading on You tube at the beginning of 2021.

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