Tarot Boss Business Coaching

Tarot Boss Business Coaching

Turn your passion for Tarot and

helping people into a real business.

(One where you actually make money)

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Everyday I receive messages from Tarot Tribe members who want to build a Tarot business. They want to know how to create an online business, get more readings and turn their passion into profit.

They want a business that they can run from home on their own terms.

Tarot Boss 3And while having a business that helps people is extremely rewarding, the business side of things, selling, marketing, getting repeat clients and creating a profitable income model can be incredibly challenging.

Being stuck in these challenges can be gut-wrenching. Whether you have dreams of having a full-time business or you already work for yourself, you need things to work. You invest your heart and soul, and probably quite a bit of cash too.

When people message me, they ask how I’ve built my business. They want to know what my secret sauce is.

Here’s the thing, screw my secret sauce,

you need to create YOUR secret sauce.

Your secret sauce is what’s important. You are like no other and in business that’s a good thing. What makes you unique is what you can use to make your business successful. It’s what makes you stand out.

Book Your Free Consultation (4)But being unique isn’t enough. You have to be able to sell readings. You have to find new clients. And as a blossoming business that can feel really challenging.

That’s why I created:

Be Your Own “Tarot Boss” Business Coaching

One-on-One coaching for people in the business of transforming lives through

the Tarot, Oracle Readings and Healing.


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3 thoughts on “Tarot Boss Business Coaching”

  1. Hello! I’ve really been feeling lead to start reading as a business. I’ve given I a few practice runs and received a lot of good feedback. I’ve begun creating my own deck as its been helping to build my undernding and confidence. Any tips and advice on getting started would be so helpful.

  2. I say I’m going to be the crazy lady with the 2 cats who reads cards in the corner apartment! And if you catch me on the right day I just may dress u like one too!!!! 🙂

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