Tarot Deck Exploration – The Illusori Tarot

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Illusori Tarot

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Title: The Illusori Tarot

CreatorSvetlana Gayvoronskaya

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: The tarot deck in a box. No little white book.

Impressions: This deck was created with ball point pen, coloured pencils and markers. Most of the cards have a key word on them so maybe that is why there is no little booklet. It is a little random that some cards do not have a key word. For example the Strength card does not but the card means more than just it’s title. In any case most of the cards have a key word. This can help beginners with the deck and also help jog memories of more experienced Tarot readers. The key words are also pretty important as there is not a lot of people in the cards so interpreting them from just the images could be hard. In saying that the images are very vivid and alluring.

The card stock is really nice and thick and they are great to shuffle. The back of the cards have a very funky design but it is not mirror imaged so you know if the cards are going to be reversed before you lay them out.

Each deck is numbered and it is a very limited run.

Where to Purchase: At the Illusori Tarot site This is a limited edition collectors item so get in quick!

illusori tarot minor arcana illusori tarot majors illusori tarot the court cards illusori tarot the aces

illusori tarot box and back of card
The Tarot Box and Back of the Cards

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4 thoughts on “Tarot Deck Exploration – The Illusori Tarot”

  1. Irmata Terlinden

    Ugh /THIS DECK/! It is GORGEOUS!!!

    I’m having a difficult time getting the page translated though – especially the order page – any advice? And do you mind sharing what the shipping charge was?

    Thank you!

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