Tarot and Finances – Blog Hop

Tarot and Finances – Blog Hop

A Financial Abundance Tarot Spread for you to use when you are feeling a little stuck and want to know the way forward.

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for the Vernal Equinox 2016.

I have been away from these for a while but I was so called to talk about this subject and I want to get back to these hops.

Our juicy subject for this Tarot Blog Hop is

Tarot and Finances

Probably one of my favourite subjects ever.

Let’s face it money is a big deal.

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions I get for readings. That and love are the things that we often find that we are searching for clarity and divination on.

I love using the Tarot to work on areas of personal and business finances with people, especially moving past their personal limitations and old shitt beliefs around money.

I believe that all cards are about abundance just like all Tarot cards can be about love or spirituality. They just tell a different side, share a different experience and hold a different energy and perspective.

Each Tarot card holds a story, an action, a way to move forward and have a better relationship with money.

Each Suit tells a different story about our lives and our connections to our finances.

The Pentacles may be the most obvious suit when it comes to our relationship with money, it is often seen as THE money suit. But it is also about being grounded, about manifestation and our relationship with everything in the physical world. It is out VALUES. Do we value a tree more than a book? Do we want more crystals in our house over leaving them unminded in the ground? Did I trigger you with either of those questions? (I love books, decks and crystals too, so no judgement, I do however think about the environmental impact of these things often).

The Swords show us how we think about money, what we think about money and why? These are the stresses that keep us up and night and keep us stuck. The affirmations we tell ourselves over and over again that become our reality. The power in the swords is that it can, if directed positivity cut through this BS and get us on the right track with money too. The power of lifting denial and shame.

The Wands show us our beliefs around money, deeper than the mind. It is how our spirituality interacts with money. This is a HUGE thing for a lot of people. How does your spirituality now coexists or war with money? Did you grow up learning and being told to look at money in one way and now with your life and spiritual path evolving and changing feel a completely different way? Have you let go of the past here? Big, life changing stuff here.

The Cups show us how we feel about money. What happens to our emotional bodies and state when money comes in, when it goes out and when it is even brought up with the people that we love. The Cups are fuel when it comes to finances, it is a major source of relationship stress and fights and breaks people up. Love and Money, two powerful forces and they come together with the suit of the Cups.

The Major Arcana, for me, is how the Archetypes and big lessons in life interact with money and finances. The Devil loves money and sees how it can be used for great and powerful things, both light and shadow. The Fool has no freaking clue and wants to forget money even exists. Temperance knows that abundance manifestation is an inside out job and for it’s real power to be known, it needs to be integrated.

I would love to know if this subject is of interest to you all as I would love to do more videos and blog posts on the Tarot and Finances. It is my jam.

Money Magic Manifestation Cards

Money Magic Manifestation CardsI created my Money Magic Manifestation Cards about a year ago because I wanted a daily reminder to snap out of my negative mind frames about money when they start creeping in. Although I have done a ton of work around my relationship with money, it is a daily practice. I use these cards with Client Readings and with my own personal practice.

Clients have used these cards to help them with their relationship with money, to break through creative blocks on projects (the fear of failure and of success can be very linked to finances) and also help their Clients in readings.

It is another tool I use daily as I work on having a better relationship with money. If you want to learn more about the cards click here.Β 

Financial Abundance Tarot Spread

You know how much I love creating Tarot Spreads, I have created a Financial Abundance tarot Spread, the link is below too for you to use when you are feeling a little stuck and want to know the way forward.

Financial Abundance Tarot Spread Blog

  1. What hidden blessings of abundance are around me right now?
  2. How can I increase the financial abundance in my life?
  3. Where are my financial abundance blocks?
  4. How can I release my financial abundance blocks?


Huge thank you to Β – Ania for being the Blog Hop Wrangler.


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  2. Love the mention here of sustainability in conjunction with the pentacles. So little attention is paid to the impact of actions on the earth and on the subject of sustainability, commonly little attention is paid to the long term impact of actions when it comes to food, finances, and touch. All things I associate with pentacles.

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