The Whispering Tarot

The Whispering Tarot

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The Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel is such an imaginative deck with beautiful detailed pictures. Finishing this deck took Elizabeth three years and then a further 9 years to get it published, which she did independently in 2008. I purchased my set direct from her site and it had no problems getting safely to Oz. I purchased both the CD (Handbook) and the Deck of cards.

The Deck: Comes presented in a nice hard cardboard box that is better than the normal boxes that are offered in. Each deck is numbered and signed by Elizabeth. The cards are coloured on both sides and the cards each have a thick black border on the front sides. They are smaller in size than the RWS Tarot and are very easy to shuffle.

On the CD is the PDF version of the handbook, you can also get the paper copy from Elizabeth’s website. The information in the handbook includes, the story of the Whispering tarot, Divinatory meaning for the cards, Tarot spreads and correspondences. Each of the cards is in colour next to their entry in the handbook, which is very useful for when you study the meanings of the cards and it makes it very easy to read. The handbook is very detailed and well worth reading and well presented.

I wish I had the patients and talent that was required to complete this deck. Elizabeth used delicate lines, shading and bright opaque colours in each of the 78 cards, which give each of the cards a great depth. In the deck, the Pages are replaced with Princesses bringing a nice balance of both male and female energies to the court cards.

The deck features mermaids, dragons, and fairies, wind spirits, wizards, queens, maidens, gurus, Pegasus and a large array of animals from all regions of the world. This gives the deck quiet a universal appeal.

The Moon card in this deck is called The Eclipse and it features a chalice-offering snake and a woman in a cloak pointing to something unseen under an eclipsed sky. The meaning that Elizabeth has given the card is the same as many of the Moon descriptions I have read and the meaning translates well to the artwork.

Other cards that got my attention are The Hanged Man, whom watches his belongings fall into a cauldron below him, The 10 of Wands, which sees the character in the card under the Wands (trees) instead of having them piled on his back and Justice which has the scene carried out on a large chess board.

Elizabeth has offered something original to the world of Tarot and I find reading with this deck very easy and insightful. – Click here to see some custom handmade boxes for the Whispering Tarot

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