Update, New Tarot Decks and Muggle Troubles

Happy Galentines Day!

I could get into a rant about why Valentine’s day sucks and is just a corporate hole of a holiday but I aint gonna! Instead I wish you all a fantastic Galentines Day for yesterday and I hope you did treat yo self and know how amazing and worthy you are and fucking adorable. Also, anyone buy themselves a Tarot treat? I didn’t but I have been gifted some amazing decks and I am going to get to that soon.

I realized I haven’t really posted an update after 31 Days of Tarot so I wanted to spend this week do just that.

February has been challenging on a muggle level. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably know what I have been facing but I am going to give you some of the highlight reel. This is why I have been so quiet on YouTube this month.

The first weekend in February my son started to be sick on Friday. He has never been the kind of kid that voms so I thought when it first happened that it was just a one off. Nope! That weekend was vom city. I started to be sick on the Sat afternoon after a glorious 24 hours of hand washing couches and rugs and so much clothing. Then we had an evacuation of our building cause the fire alarm went off. Me with unbrushed hair, a sick bucket and in a skirt. Guys I was so sick and weak I didn’t even give a second thought to my decks. Realistically people weren’t panicking in our building and there was no smoke so I knew it was a false alarm but still THAT SICK.

I hid in the car with my son trying to stay warm while hot fireman checked out our building and let us back in. Totally missed an opportunity to flirt. Cause holding a sick bucket with puke in my unbrushed hair is totally hot, right?

Then Dom’s dad got sick on Saturday night later on so we were all taken down with it. So that was fun.

Then the following week we were getting ready for Dom’s dad to move out to his own place. Our internet provided cut our internet ‘accidentally’ on Saturday and I didn’t get any internet back until Tuesday which meant I was so far behind on work I can not even. To top things on our car died and we didn’t get that costly thing back from the mechanic until a week later. So things have been rather trying.

I was able to use my phone as a personal hotspot which was great but I couldn’t do my readings. So thank goodness for my amazing Clients being so understanding.

So what can you do but laugh hey and let you waiting Clients know why their readings are taking longer than normal. It hasn’t all been rubbish. My neighbours and friends have been amazing making sure we have a groceries etc. I have had wonderful messages from lots of people and even phone calls from local Awakened Soul Coven members asking if I needed any help. So really. Best tribe ever.

Tarot Love Mail

Some lovely gifts came in the mail of the deck variety. I mean I am stupid lucky and so grateful.

I have three Out of Print decks to share with you today. So if you don’t want massive OOP deck lust look away now.

Elyse from Wild Moon Woman gifted me the Buckland Romani Tarot. Gotta love Buckland, he quotes himself every chance he gets lol.

Maureen gifted me a box of amazing Tarot magic and included was the Victoria Regina Tarot set.

Elle gifted me the Sacred India Tarot ages ago but I have not shared it yet with you all so this is the perfect opportunity.

Thank you to those amazing women for these precious gifts.

Tarot Readers Academy Updates

I am going to be announcing the dates for The Tarot Reader Certification Live very soon. (All past students are going to be automatically enrolled in the live course too) were we are going to spend 8 weeks going through the Certification program together with Live calls (which will be recorded for replays as well). I am super excited about this as I love connecting live with the Tarot community.

We also have our Tarot Jams Live Tarot events, which are super fun and free. The next one is on 22nd February at 12pm PST (the earlier call is so that people in different time zones can join in).

If you enrol in any of the courses at the Tarot Readers Academy or are on my ethony.com Oracle Wednesday mailing list you will get the invite to join the event.

Personal Fitness

One of the major goals I have for 2017 is to get my sexy ass fit again. Like mountain hiking fit like I used to. I have spoken before about how challenging I have found being active after having my son and how I emotionally ate to cope with being away from most of my family and friends.

I did seek professional support to help me get back on track and also had the support of my friends and family but it was a long road back. I am feeling so much more like myself, which happened last year and have been working out again. I am enrolled in a Moonjoggers 5k jog every month. This was in large part thanks to Jess from Runs for Coffee being such an inspiration.

I also invested in a Fitdesk, which I love. I can workout while answering emails or gaming or watching YouTube and I have been using it almost daily.

I want to become more accountable for taking care of myself and not just being a sleep, look after my son, work, sleep machine anymore.

It feels really good to be taking steps every day in the right direction in this one and I have two weddings in October in Australia to have as bonus motivation.

Northwest Tarot Symposium

My first Tarot conference and even better I am hosting a Tarot workshop on Your Tarot Court which is freaking amazing. Cause I LOVE the Tarot Court.

I will be bringing some of my decks too to sell at the Symposium and will be attending a ton of the workshops and talks available. Can’t wait to geek out on all things Tarot with everyone there.

I am going to make sure I hit Powell’s books as well. If you have any recommendations for what to do in Portland of the mystical variety please let me know.

So that has been some of what I have been up to. I have some more top secret things happening that I will be letting everyone know about in April. Who said Gemini’s can’t keep secrets.

I hope you are all amazing.



  • Teresa linn
    Posted at 13:37h, 14 February Reply

    You are now my favorite new girl crush…you rock!

  • Teresa linn
    Posted at 13:37h, 14 February Reply

    You are now my favorite new girl crush…you rock! Thank you for inspiring me to be me

    • Ethony
      Posted at 08:17h, 15 February Reply

      Oh thank you 🙂

  • Andrea Michelle
    Posted at 22:09h, 14 February Reply

    I LOVE Portland! I hope you have the most magical time! I definitely recommend New Renaissance books (it’s inside a rambling house which seems to stretch on forever) for everything mystical, and Fly Awake Tea Garden for a lovely crystal-guarded haven.

    Hope the rest of February is better for you!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 08:18h, 15 February Reply

      Thank you for the amazing recommendations. I wish I had more time in Portland. I have added these to the list.

  • Sheila Englehart
    Posted at 06:18h, 16 February Reply

    So glad your building didn’t burn! I had one burn back in 2000. I wasn’t home, but guess what was the only salvageable item in the ashes? My wooden box of tarot. No kidding. Everything else was ash or mush from water damage.

    • Ethony
      Posted at 18:13h, 20 February Reply

      Oh man fire in a building scares me.

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