What Kind of Witch Are You?

What Kind of Witch Are You?

Today we're going to find out what type of witch you are! I've compiled a list of nine different types of witches so you can figure out which one best suits you!
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Hi, my little Bumblebees,

If you’re new to the craft, you’ve no doubt seen references to all of the different types of Witches out there. Hedge Witch, Kitchen Witch, and Green Witch are well known, but there’s a lot more that you may not be aware of. Today we’re going to find out what type of witch you are! I’ve compiled a list of nine different types of witches so you can figure out which one best suits you! If none of them resonate with you or you don’t want to put a label on yourself, that is 100% okay. You do you!

You may resonate with one now, but that could completely change in the future. Witchcraft is ever-evolving and changing, and it will depend on where you’re in life and what kind of practice you’re working with.

1. Hedge Witch

A person who crosses over the hedge to the spirit world. It’s someone who works in the liminal space. It’s a witch that likes to work and commune with Spirits, whether that is the Flora and Fauna of the area or the spirit world.

Hedge witchery is nature-based. Most hedge witches perform day-to-day small actions and magic that help themselves and other people. There is a deep connection to home, hearth, nature, and animals. With the hedge witch practice, there is a deep connection to divination and communicating with the spirits to bring their messages to our world.

2. Green Witch (aka garden witch or forest witch)

The element of earth is incredibly important to these witches. They probably have an amazing herb garden and an affinity for keeping plants alive and thriving. They also tend to know each plant’s nature and how it can be used to help, heal, or hex. This type of witch likes to walk barefoot in nature and have a deep connection to the land they’re on. Green witches have an affinity for working with all things closely connected with nature.

These natural loving witches can be seen cleaning rubbish from nature to ensure everything stays thriving. Your bookshelf is likely filled with books on herbs or local plants.

3. Kitchen Witch

As the title suggests, this witch thrives in the kitchen. They know spells, potions, tinctures, and concoctions that you can ingest or drink. These are the people you want making you teas and healing chicken soup. Kitchen witches infuse magic into everything they make.

Kitchen witches know all of the practical things to add to your practice to cure just about anything. Many kitchen witches are natural caretakers and tend to look after everyone around them. Their kitchen is likely stocked full of spices, herbs, and their biggest tools are their kitchen utensils.

4. Divination Witch

This is the witch who knows everything and anything to do with divination. This includes Tarot or Oracle readings, tea leaves, coffee scrying, pendulums, and crystal balls. Anything to divine or see the foresee the future is going to be in this witch’s toolbox.

They tend to have a very close connection with their spirit guides and use their intuition above all else. They can read a person’s energy just by being in the same room and can usually see through what people are saying. They’re never without their divination tools. They’re a master at unlocking the keys of cartomancy systems for high magic.

5. Norse Witch (aka Viking Witch or Rune Witch)

The Norse witch is drawn to working with the Norse Pantheon. They practice nordic shamanic rights and ceremonies. You may also find the Norse Witch is someone who is drawn to the way of the warrior. Vocal magic is a gift and art form that they work hard for.

The Norse witch will work with runes in all of their practices, not only as a way to divine but also to work with their gods and their language.

6. Elemental Witch

This is the witch who works with the elements as the primordial practice; the earth, air, fire, and water. They use the elements when they’re casting spells and might have an affinity for a specific type of element. An elemental witch can tap into each element’s creative and destructive magick and power, understanding one cannot live without the other and how to harness that in their own magical practice.

Elemental witches also like to bring all the elements together in harmony within themselves and the world around them. It’s someone who understands each of the elements and how it played a part in their spiritual journey and magical practice.

7. Sea Witch (aka Water Witch or River Witch)

This type of witch is a water baby. They’re drawn to all bodies of natural water and even swimming pools. This is someone who adores everything to do with water; the creatures that live there and the ecosystem that are attached to it. They have a deep connection to the tides of the moon and weather magic.

They will have a beautiful collection of shells, river stones, or any treasures that have washed up. You’ll catch the sea witch performing their rituals by the water or in a storm.

8. Traditional Witch (aka Wiccan Witch)

This is the witch that has taken the path of the Wiccan but also practices witchcraft. They follow the Wiccan wheel of the year and also celebrates the sabbats. They follow the rules of Wicca, including “do no harm”. They’re the type of witch who looks into old folk magic, especially of Europe. They love doing tons of research on the lineages of witches around the world. They have a great understanding of folk magic.

9. Eclectic Witch

The eclectic witch encompasses all different types of magic practices. I identify as an eclectic witch. They don’t adhere to any specific kind of practice, religion, or belief. They take what feels right for them and uses that in their magic. The only “rule” is you have to have more than one type of affinity or practice in your craft. If you find yourself drawn to more than one type of witchcraft, then you may be an eclectic witch.

Remember, babes, no one gets to tell you what type of witch you are. Whatever you choose should deeply resonate with you. I hope you found this interesting.

Until Next week...

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