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Many spiritual babes have corporate jobs. I have talked many times about my past in the business world. It can feel like we are like the Angel in the Temperance card with one foot in our spiritual world and another in the ‘real’ world, always trying to find balance.

One way you can honor your spiritual self at work is to bring some of your spiritual practices to your workplace. I started Morning Prayers in my team and then other teams around the country were also pulling cards in the morning. I have also carried out Tarot Readings in board rooms and during lunch breaks! You never know where there is a tarot enthusiast around.

I have a few practices to share with you today that you may feel inspired to use in your own workplace. As with everything I offer, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

1. Divine Messages & Morning Prayers

One of my favorite ways to bring a little magic and spirit into work is to bring an Oracle or Tarot deck into work and pick a card for the day. I used to gather my team and we would all pick a card for the day and then have a round robin in regards to the work and deadlines we had for the day.

I used to put the card near my computer screen for the day and also let the other members of the team have their cards for the day. One of my favorite decks to use was the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. It was always pretty funny when the Angel of Diet and Nutrition was picked, especially in an office where food was everywhere.

I only ever used Oracle decks as they are a lot clearer for people who don’t know the Tarot.  Also,  you don’t want to be doing lots of mini readings for everyone every morning. Oracle cards are also more approachable for people who are new to cartomancy. People can draw their own cards and read the booklet that goes with the deck.

2. Create a Good Vibe Altar

Dedicating a small space around your desk or work area can be a lovely way to balance out some of your energy at work.

Here are the items I used to build my mini altar at work

  • A small succulent plant
  • Lavender and peppermint essential oils (also great for when you get a headache at work)
  • Small tumbled stones:

precious-stonesRose quartz – friendship, love and forgiveness

Black tourmaline – keep the bad vibes away

Smoky Quartz – protection

Citrine – prosperity and joy

Clear quartz – clarity and also to help keep your computers working


  • A mini goddess statue
  • Money Magic Manifestation cards – I use these every day and they are awesome for not only money manifestation but also for breaking through creative and energy blocks
  • My morning prayers oracle deck and card stand (hack: a small photo frame stand works perfectly)
  • My mala necklace (usually I would wear this too)
  • Aura spray – when my head gets foggy it was always time for an aura spray
  • Tea – okay so this didn’t go on the altar but for me life is so much better with tea!

All of these things are probably not going to raise any questions even in a conservative office and you can use anything that you feel inspired to bring.

3. Divination Tools for SWOT Analysis for a Competitive Edge

SWOT (which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is a tool that is used to look at a project, idea or product in a business to ensure that all sides have been looked at. You can use your favorite method of Divination to enhance your SWOT analysis and get insight that may not have come up otherwise.

Using a deck or any form of divination does not replace good financial and business reasoning, it should work with it.

For example.

‘Would March be best for launching our new product  ____ ?’

First you would brainstorm each one of the SWOT points. Then you could take your Tarot deck and pull a card for each each SWOT point to see if there is anything else to consider.





4. Meditation and Divination for Decision Making

I prefer work contemplation more than meditation when it comes to making decisions and mulling over business decisions. Taking the time to allow something to sink in is a good idea.

A practice that I do when it comes to making decisions is to close my eyes and get into a meditative or calm mental space. Picture yourself standing in front a cross road. One road is the road where you make the decision and do the thing ,and the other is if you don’t.  When you are ready, you are going to see yourself in your mind’s eye making the choice.  Make sure you check how your body feels and reacts when you do this. Just feeling how your body reacts to the choice can be enough.

Then you are going to walk down the path and see what unfolds in your life after making the choice. How does it feel? What work do you need to do? Does it feel good? Was there something that you wish you had taken into consideration?

Take a deep breath and come back to the crossroads. Now you are going to not make the choice and walk down the other path. See what unfolds in your life after not making the choice. How does it feel? What work do you need to do now? Does it feel good? Was there something that you wish you had taken into consideration?

Of course you are not going to be able to know every variable doing this, but it will give you and your body an idea of what is the best way forward and what it may feel and look like.

Using the Tarot or your tool of choice for clarification and reflection can also be a wonderful way to close this exercise out.

Some examples of what you may ask the card

  • Is there anything I have not taken into consideration about this project?
  • What are the challenges that I may face if I take on this project?
  • What are the likely successes I am going to have with this project?
  • Are there any underlying motivations that I may have for this?


Of course, create custom questions based on your needs and use open as opposed to closed questions.

Drawing Tarot cards here may help you to get clear about your motivations and what may be really going on with you, so that you have as much information as possible to make a decision on.

What are some of the ways you like to bring your spiritual world to your work world? I would love to hear.

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