Your Burning Tarot Questions Answered

Your Burning Tarot Questions Answered

I asked all of you lovelies to share your burning tarot questions and you delivered! Today, I'll be answering a few of your questions.
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Hi Tarot Bumblebees,

I asked all of you lovelies in my Tarot Readers Academy Facebook group and Instagram stories to share with me your burning tarot questions. You delivered so many excellent questions that, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cover them all. If there’s a lot of interest in a part-2 video answering even more of your questions, I would be happy to film another. Let me know in the comments below! Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s dive in!

Kelly – Do you feel Tarot readers should give only positive messages to clients? If the cards show negative things, do you read that and be realistic or instead turn it positive? I’ve read some negative readings in comments around the internet, so I’m just wondering your thoughts on this.

Ethony: No, I don’t feel like clients should only receive positive messages because life isn’t just about positivity. I believe in empowering clients through the Tarot during both positive and negative times in their lives. I never change a difficult reading into something positive; that’s just giving a false reading. If you struggle with delivering not such great news as a reader, that is something to work on.

Scott – Is there a difference between divination and fortune-telling with tarot? They look to be the same thing, but the term “fortune-telling” seems to be frowned upon by some in the tarot community.

Ethony: I guess it depends on each Tarot reader’s definition of the two words as they are both connected in my eyes and practice. I think where the distancing of ‘fortune-telling’ comes from is that it does share that neon, psychic bad reputation attached to it. I like working towards removing that.

Amelia – How can you tell when a reader is in a bad place and not able to read your situation clearly? Sometimes, I feel readers read through the lens of their current bad or good circumstances.

Ethony: This should be the responsibility of the professional, not the client. If you call yourself a Tarot professional, you should be reflecting on your own journey and what you can and cannot deliver in your work. It’s the same with any spiritual work. A professional can put their stuff aside and be present for their clients; a non-professional can’t. Some days even the most capable professional has something going on in their lives that they need to deal with and can’t be there for their clients – that’s just life. But this is one of the ways I distinguish a professional from someone who is not.

Nicole – What’s an easy way to learn reversals? Also, are there any movies that reflect the fool’s journey of tarot?

Ethony: I don’t read reversals, but I have seen that some people write keywords on a learning deck for both upright and reversed meanings to use when they’re learning the deck. There are lots of movies that represent The Fool’s Journey. Frodo’s journey in LOTR is one that hits a lot of the themes, just to name the one that comes to the forefront. Another example is Luke Skywalker’s story in Star Wars.

Jena – I’m afraid this is a total newbie question, but I don’t understand how you do a 5-card spread with five questions. For example, the full moon spread for January 28th. Do I shuffle with question 1, pull a card, then shuffle again for question 2 and again pull a card??

Ethony: I only shuffle the deck once with these spreads, but you can do it both ways. If shuffling the cards each time while focusing on the question helps you get clearer messages, do that! It is your tarot practice. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.

Nicole  – Do you think the Celtic cross is the most definitive tarot spread when you’re reading for a client?

Ethony: No, I’m actually not a huge fan of the Celtic Cross Spread. I want to break it down more for everyone, but I think the best spread is the one that will deliver the best reading for your client, whether that’s a three-card spread or the Celtic Cross.

Annie  – Do you ask all the questions out loud or to yourself and then pull all the cards? Or do you ask each question then pull each card?

Ethony: I hold the overall intention of the tarot spread in my mind when I’m shuffling the cards.  I then hold the deck, close my eyes and say the questions to myself, and then select the cards. If I’m reading for a client, I would say the questions out loud when I’m selecting the cards.

Nichole – How can we as readers get past the “toxic positivity” of always needing to turn individual cards and readings as a whole into positive ones and shift to being more honest and realistic but still tactful with our clients?

Ethony: Work on your bedside manner. Work on sample readings even if you’re not reading for anyone IRL and think about how you would deliver hard news. Work on observing, not absorbing your client’s energy so that you don’t feel the need to coddle them. All of these things take time and practice.

Melissa – When I started out years ago, I often wondered, do you HAVE to memorize all the meanings of the cards?

Ethony: To be a Tarot Reader, yes. To be a diviner or card reader who uses the tarot, no.

Deborah – When do you follow intuition over the written, known meaning on the card? Is it ok to read more intuitively with your cards?

Ethony: Only if I am getting messages from my clairs or guides that there is something else going on, and often, I do. The foundation of the reading is the tarot reading, and then my intuition and psychic abilities are a layer that goes on on top of that. It usually comes out more seamlessly for the client, instead of me pointing out how I read or the layers I’m reading because of the years of practice I’ve had. The truth is that most tarot cards will make sense in a reading if you know them, have a good working knowledge of the tarot system, a good spread, and a clear question.

@foxwand_apothecary – What’s a modern take on The Hierophant? I just don’t get it.

Ethony: Social media influencers, politicians, televangelists, education systems, religion, just to name a few. It’s the card of intuitions as well as spiritual learning.

@nishaagni – How do you use multiple decks in a single spread? What if the same card pops up twice?

So my question to you is, why are you using multiple decks in a spread? What is that adding? Are you trying to confuse yourself? Does it help in any way? The only spreads I do this for have specific operations and fixed positions for different tarot and oracle decks. Otherwise, it would just get confusing. These would be my Wheel of the Year Readings, Past Life Readings, Aura-Soma Tarot Readings. If the same cards come up, then that energy really wants to be seen!

I spoke more in-depth in the video so make sure you check it out to listen to my extended answers to each question. Let me know in the comments below your burning Tarot questions!

Until Next week...

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  1. How do you set up a spread if you don’t have a space to do readings? I live with my boyfriend’s father and he’s not a fan of tarot to begin with so, I’min our bedroom usually on our bed and I wondered about the energy and possible contamination I guess. Not contamination, but I don’t want it to affect my bedroom or anything negatively.


  3. Hi Ethony!
    Questions? What is the best tools for your to recommendation to help motivation to focus on the best result of reading your tarot or Oracle’s card?

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