Tarot for Beginners Part 5

Tarot for Beginners Part 5 – 5 Things To Avoid As a Beginner Tarot Reader

Hi Tarot Tribe, it’s Ethony and today we are going through the fifth part of my Tarot for Beginners series. Today I’ll be talking about my recommendations for what avoid (and the alternatives) with your Tarot Practices in the Beginning.

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Before I begin, as with everything I share, take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest. You may completely disagree with my suggestions and that is totally cool. These are things for you to consider, not things you have to take on.

1. Pip Decks

Pips are cards that are based on playing cards and the Marseille Tarot. They are more in line with how the Tarot started as a playing card game.

As a divination tool or system for meditation or inspiration, you have to rely on memory since Pips don’t give a lot of guidance visually.

I have a whole video about Pips VS fully illustrated Tarot cards if you want to learn more.

Personally, I like fully illustrated Tarot decks as they allow me to get clearer messages. However, I think it’s important that you find a symbolic language that works for you.

By avoiding Pip decks, and minimalistic decks as a beginner, you give yourself the best chance to get confident in your readings.

2. Tarot Decks that Don’t Speak To You

There is no right or wrong deck.

If a deck doesn’t speak to you, don’t work with it.

Even if it is super popular.

Even if your teacher, mentor, best friend, and your best friend’s ferret think it is the shit. If it is not working for you, don’t use it.

Work with the tool that wants to work with you. Work with art that inspires you and unlocks your intuitive side. Work with art or a deck that challenges you. Work with a deck that you like.

3. Information Overload

When it comes to the Tarot, there is a lot to learn.

78 Cards to get to know and understand. Double that if you want to read reversals. Plus Tarot spreads. And the elements of putting a reading together.

It’s a lot.

Read books, join in on conversations, be open to learning. But, if you find yourself getting confused, step back. Timeout from consuming new information is good. It gives you time to absorb and reflect on what you already have.

Keep yourself balanced and keep it as simple as you can. You don’t want to get to a place where you throw your hands up in retreat because it is all too much to wrap your head around.

4. Tarot Hoarding

You don’t need too many decks or tools right off the bat.

Start small. Love what you have. The truth is all you really need is one good deck.

Until you know how you want to work with the Tarot, or whether you want to collect it seriously don’t break the bank buying everything you see.

While these days I work with multiple decks it was not always the case. In the beginning, every dollar I made reading the Tarot was spend buying more decks, but since Tarot was a small side gig for a long time, my collection was small for many years.

As your practice (and business) grows you can add more. I rotate my collection. I have decks that I use for certain clients and types of readings but this has developed over my many years as a Tarot professional.

Have gratitude for what you have now. It’s a wonderful practice in Tarot (and life).

5. Being Too Serious

Working with the Tarot can be anything you want it to be. You get to decide how to use the tool.

For many of us, the art and practice of Tarot is some serious stuff. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. Read the cards long enough and they will definitely get sassy with you, so you might as well keep your sense of humour while you work with them.

Find fun and creative activities with the Tarot that keep you engaged. This could be finding Tarot cards in street art or in real life, Tarot poems and looking for Tarot cards in pop culture.

Make sure to laugh at yourself when you drop your cards when shuffling, or when the cards call you out. Life is too short not to have a good time, even if we are spiritual people.

BONUS – Appointed Tarot Authorities that Aren’t Welcoming

I have no time for anyone who says that there is only one way to read the cards, or who is trying to make anyone feel as though they do not belong in the Tarot community.

Let me tell you, there is room for you.

Those who think Tarot is something only for a few VIP’s is bullshit and does nothing positive for our community. I could go on a long rant about the personal work that people like this are in clear need of but I am just going to leave that.

You may work with the Tarot in a different way to me. Cool.

We are all here to experience the Tarot for how it works for us. Not all people will be a great fit as clients, friends, or mentors in the Tarot for you. That’s cool too.

We all like different movies, music, food and are drawn to different teachers, readers, and points of view. Tarot reading styles are no different.

As long as you are not hurting anyone, being a scam artist, and are being genuine with your practice, just do you.

What would you add to this list?

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

  • Margie Markevicius
    Posted at 10:57h, 21 March Reply

    “Even if your teacher, mentor, best friend, and your best friend’s ferret think it is the shit. If it is not working for you, don’t use it.” Hahahaha! Thanks for the tips and the snort-laugh!

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  • CJ Berndt
    Posted at 20:40h, 19 March Reply

    This was a great video! Thank you so much for sharing. All very valuable lessons.

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