6 Ways to Get Over Being Wrong When Giving a Tarot Reading

6 Ways to Get Over Being Wrong When Giving a Tarot Reading

Some ways that you can approach your fears around being wrong in a Tarot Reading.
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Hello Tarot lovebots it’s Ethony and today I am going to be exploring some ways that you can approach your fears around being wrong in a Tarot Reading. I know from teaching a lot of wonderful students that this comes up as one of the main reasons that people are afraid to read for others. So I thought that I would do what I can to share with you some of the things I have learnt over the years.

Before I jump in, please note as always that this is me sharing with you all and you can take what resonates with you and incorporate it into your personal practice and leave the rest.

1. Be Okay With the Fact That it is Going to Happen

screenshot-2016-10-24-14-59-55Acknowledge that no one is always right, no matter what our pride may want us to believe. We are only human. No professional is ever 100% correct or mistake free. It is part of what makes us grow. So instead of worrying about if it is going to happen. Pull that fear into the light and know that it is only a matter of time, that is a good thing! Think of it like you are levelling up. The more you are okay with the fact that you are going to make mistakes then the less it is going to matter when it happens.

“The best of us must sometimes eat our words.” – J.K.Rowling

2. Know That You Are Not Your Mistakes

“I am not the mistakes that I have made.” – India Arie

Taken from one of my favorite songs of all time, I am light. This is a wonderful mantra. The whole song is a wonderful mantra. You are not your mistakes. They are an experience.

3. Hone Your craft Every Day/Week

We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with information and bidding for our attention. We need to schedule time to work on what we love. Taking time to work on your practice can really help build your confidence. You may not be able to read something every day or pull your cards out every day but see if you can’t carve out some time every week to learn something new about the Tarot and yourself. Stretch those skills!

4. Reflect on Your Mistakes From a Place of Opportunity

screenshot-2016-10-24-14-55-26Embrace and reflect your mistakes in all areas of your life. The more you can do this and take away the shame that can develop the more at ease you are going to be.

Journal, talk about it. See what opportunities there are in your mistakes and missteps to grow. I have mentioned before that after a day of Tarot Readings I like to decompress by writing or talking to a confident about it. This helps me bring some awareness and also releases any energy that I may be holding on to.

The creator of Spanx talks about how her father used to ask her every day ‘What did you fail at today?’ how powerful is that! Failing and making mistakes means that you are trying. You are doing the work. That is incredible powerful.

5. Empower Your Clients to Be Involved

This is something that I like to facilitate with my Clients. Life does not need to be something that just happens to you. You don’t have to view life as a shit storm that you walk through until you die.

When someone comes for a Tarot Reading they are probably feeling a little powerless or lost. They are certainly looking for something. The best gift as far as I know it to be that you can give them is to help give them their power back.

Empower your Clients to make choices that are most aligned to the best outcome. Ask them questions while you are in a session with them so that they have the time and space to truly contemplate them. (remember that busy World I was talking about, Tarot can be a sacred space for people). Let them know that things are not defined (depending of course if you believe in Fate or not) that they can change course if they want to.

Yes you can still answer their questions about what the most likely outcome is for certain things and give them options but get them into the game of their own lives!

6. Feel the Fear and…

screenshot-2016-10-24-14-52-11Yep, do it anyway.

Don’t let that stop you from moving forward in your journey. This applies to anything. I have always been the kind of person who would rather live with making a mistake than a regret.

Talk to a mentor. Contact me if you want! Do a reading around why you are afraid. Do some shadow work. Screw up on purpose. Talk to other readers about how they navigated this on their own journey.

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” –  Dorothy Thompson

I really hope that you have found this helpful. Do you have any other methods that I forgot to talk about? Let me know!

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Until Next week...

3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Get Over Being Wrong When Giving a Tarot Reading”

  1. Hi Ethony. Thank you for this. It has come at the perfect time. Clearly my Angels were listening to my requests about helping me deal with my fears and insecurities from past readings of a couple wrong and some so exact on friends readings that they got scared and stopped talking or hanging around me, Knocked my self esteem and your blog has shown up now to give me the push I needed. Blessings from Georga 🙂

  2. Thank you for this wonderfully honest and empowering post about not being perfect. With and without the cards, i struggle with this. It’s very hard to keep believing and trusting myself, and appreciate the reminder that we’re always growing.. I have to say that when there is a financial investment attached to readings (paid readings) the expectation of accuracy shoots to the roof with both client and myself. And in the realm of expectations, the words “tarot reader” has a lot attached to it that isn’t even real.. From a “i’m paying money” perspective, the level of accuracy for Tarot readers are, to me, put in the same category as level of accuracy of a world class pianist. They dont miss, (notes) and neither should i. Value is placed on perfection,, or very, very consistent excellence. It’s hard to trust myself holding myself to those standards. Really enjoying your psychic tarot course 🙂

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