9 Simple Ways To Practice Witchcraft Every Day

9 Simple Ways To Practice Witchcraft Every Day

I love any Witchcraft practices that are easy to incorporate into my daily life. These are some of my personal favorite every day Witchcraft tips.
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I love any Witchcraft practice that is easy to incorporate into my daily life. These are some of my favorite every day Witchcraft tips.

1. Add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg into your coffee or tea in the morning

  • Cinnamon is the spice associated with prosperity, luck, and protection.
  • Nutmeg is the spice associated with health, luck, money, and love.
  • Stir the spice in three times clockwise while saying your magical statement for the day


Today I will get a raise, so mote it be!

Today I will succeed, so mote it be!

Today I am open to love, so mote it be!

2. Cleanse your emotional body in the shower

Water is the element associated with emotion, so if you have been holding on to any emotions that do not serve you anymore, let them go in the shower.

When you are in the shower, visualize the water removing any lower level energy from your energy bodies, and going down the drain.

3. Enchant your mirror

Words have power, and spells are words infused with intention. What spells are you putting on yourself when you look in the mirror?

Be intentional about the words you’re saying to yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. Say positive mantras when you are doing your hair and makeup or brushing your teeth. You can even laminate your favorite affirmations or mantras and place them on your mirror in the bathroom.

4. Add some color magic to your hair

If you have the hair for it, braid the associated colored ribbon in your hair or around your wrist to the kind of magic you’re working.

  • Red – Passion
  • Pink – Love
  • Orange – Courage
  • Yellow – Inspiration
  • Blue – Calming
  • Green – Healing
  • Purple – Intuition

5. Daily draw

Draw a tarot or oracle card to communicate and receive messages from your guides, higher self, and deities.

6. Create sigil witchcraft

Create a personal sigil and place sigils on the bottom of your water bottles, shoes, lotions bottles. You can even sew them into your clothing or on a patch for your clothing.

7. Crystal magic

Place a crystal down your bra or in your pocket, or wear crystal jewelry for added support and protection. Here are some lower-priced stones that are good to use. Tumbled is always best. You don’t want to get poked.

  • Rose quartz – love and friendship
  • Citrine – energy, and happiness
  • Smoky Quartz – protection
  • Jade – peace, and healing

8. Add magic to your cooking 

Look up some of the herbs and spices you can use to imbue your meals and libations with magic. Research well. Some herbs and spices are purely magical and should not be ingested. Then say a blessing over your food and drinks before you consume them.

9. Shield your car 

When you have parked your car, see a white light going over it to shield it and the contents with protection while you are shopping, etc. I even have a protection sigil in the glovebox of my car for safe travel.

Did I miss any? What are your favorite daily Witchcraft practices?

Until Next week...

6 thoughts on “9 Simple Ways To Practice Witchcraft Every Day”

  1. These ARE simple and easily doable! I already do several, but now I feel MAGICAL while doing them and the new ones. ❣️ I hope you share more of these

  2. Christine Wilson

    Is there something else we could stir into the coffee? Both of those listed sound like they would taste awful in coffee….
    Is there something else that I could use in place of Cinnamon or Nutmeg?

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