How to Practice Witchcraft Daily

How to Practice Witchcraft Daily

Today, I’m going to share with you some of my daily Witchcraft and Magical practices. I hope that this inspires you in your own practice.
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Hi Tarot Bumblebees,

Today, I’m going to share with you some of my daily Witchcraft and Magical practices. I hope that this inspires you in your own practice. As with everything that I share, take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

1. Daily Devotions

In the morning, I take Thor out first thing and greet the day. Rain, hail, or shine, I go out. This way, I get my body moving and some fresh air. I use different morning devotionals. An easy one to use every day can be:

‘I greet the day with an open heart and a grateful soul. Good morning to Mother Earth and father sky. May I be blessed as I walk through my day, and may I be open to the wisdom of my guides and ancestors. So mote it be.’

On the weekends, I usually do a tarot or oracle draw if I feel like I need some extra guidance. I have a deck that I use only for these draws as I leave the card on my altar all day for reflection at night.

When I get back inside, I stand at my altar and ask a question. Some of the questions I use a lot are;

“What action can I take today to get further towards my goals?”

“What do my guides what me to know today?”

“What lesson am I being asked to learn?”

“Where can I focus my energy today?”

I only use one card for this. It helps with learning the cards and for my own reflective and spiritual journey.

2. Money Altar

I have a designated Prosperity and Money altar in my house, and I have a little ritual of thanks that I do every day for all of the money blessings that I have in my life. I also pull a Money Magic Manifestation Card to use as my money mantra for the day to help keep the flow of abundance coming in. I also use my ‘Make it Rain oil to keep the vibe up on the altar.

3. Night Ritual

This night ritual is something I never miss. It’s effortless and something that helps me close out the day.

I use my Smudge Off Spray nightly, and it helps set my mind clear before I go to sleep. It also clears the space where I lay my head at night as well.

I then pull out my gratitude journal, and I write about the things I am grateful for. When Dom is with me, he and I do the journal together. I pull out a bunch of my stickers and let him pick some for the page too, and he often tells a story about the stickers, which is really cute.

If I pulled a card for the day that is sitting on my altar, I also would journal about it as well.

Then I close out my night with meditation before bed.

These are the three things that I do daily for my magical practice. I’d also recommend to check out my video on 9 Simple Ways to Practice Witchcraft Every Day.

Until Next week...

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