Coming Out of the Tarot Reader Closet

Coming Out of the Tarot Reader Closet

My thoughts, views, and experience on coming out of the Tarot Reader closet
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Hi lovely ones, today I am sharing my thoughts and views on coming out of the Tarot Reader closet. This is more of an opinion piece than a tutorial and if you do not agree with anything I share you can simply take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Our journeys as human beings are individual and personal and no two situations are the same. There is no one right way to declare to the world that you are a Tarot reader (or to own any label for that matter). What you choose to share with the world it 100% up to you.

I have thankfully been very fortunate with my experiences as a Tarot reader and as a practicing Witch. Not everyone is so fortunate. So when you come across someone else who is struggling with this please keep kindness in your heart. We never know what is going on for someone else in their life.

What Other People Think

These are just a few of the choice responses I have had when I tell people that I am a Tarot Reader. They get even funnier after I tell them I’m a full-time professional Tarot reader.

So you are a Tarot Reader hey, you don’t look like one?

Oh, so are you going to put a curse on me now?

Tell me my future then.

What, you mean you actually believe that mumbo jumbo crap?

You are going straight to hell, you know that, right?

Thankfully, these conversations have been few and far between. Tarot has been in my life so long that the people in my life realize it’s just part of who I am.

I am also very public and open about my experiences with the Tarot and my profession. That means I am going to come across more opinions than most and I am okay with that. I choose not to take on anyone else’s crap as my own.

I believe that the more we talk about the Tarot as an empowering tool we can reduce the stereotyping. When we share what real tarot readers are like and what our lives are like, we help bring more understanding to the topic.

Is it Secret? Is it Safe?

You don’t owe it to anyone to come out of any closet if it is unsafe, you are not ready to, or you simply don’t want to.

If it is not safe for you to declare that you love all things Tarot then don’t do it. Don’t allow anyone make you feel pressured to be visibly seen in our community at the cost of your health or livelihood. I know that some people fear losing their jobs if they employers found out about their personal lives or real safety issues.

Same goes if you are simply not ready to come out to the people in your life. You may be super excited about the Tarot and want to allow yourself the time to enjoy exploring it on your own before you let the floodgates open for everyone and their goldfish’s opinions.

You also may want to have a better understanding of the Tarot so you can have an educated conversation about it.

You are also allowed to have a personal, closed, deep practice that is not open to other people. That is 100% fine.

Ultimately it’s your choice on how and when you want to come out of the Tarot Reader closet.

My Partner Doesn’t Understand or Approve

I have to admit this is a sticky one.

If you found Tarot when you were already in a relationship I can imagine that may be hard if your partner has certain cultural or religious beliefs or has unconscious biases to things they do not understand. Every situation and relationship is different.

Some of the things that may be helpful if you find yourself in this situation can be to show them some of the people doing Tarot that you know. Share with them a few YouTube videos or a podcast or a book. Give them a deck that they may like to draw a card from. Include them in your practice if they are open to it. Take them to a local metaphysical shop.

Pretty soon they are going to figure out it’s not inherently evil (hopefully) and that you are in more danger of buying more crystals and decks than you can carry than anything else. Education and inclusion are two great ways to form understanding.

If things get really heated you can also try getting mediation so a third party is holding space for the conversation and allowing both sides to speak and be heard.

If this is a dealbreaker, then again, it is going to be a decision that you have to make based on your relationship, values and priorities and there is no one size fits all to this one.

When Do You Tell A New Potential Partner?

I have met past partners in spiritual shops and in the spiritual community. The good thing here is that the conversation is rarely a shocker.

However, when I have been dating outside the community I let the person know I am a Tarot reader organically. I don’t throw it out there for shock value or to have it as some sort of moral hoop to jump through to get to date two. That I save for what they think of Tolkien and Harry Potter. (I kid… mostly)

Usually what has happened is that over the course of the first few dates and weeks of getting to know the person other conversations come up like that of beliefs about life after death, or astrology or crystals these communications can tell you a lot.

Most of my partners have found out when they have come to my living space. Even then you have to go poking around my bookshelves to really see what is stocked there. There is usually a good solid foundation where the person knows a little about who I am and my morals and values.

As with anything Tarot, magic, religion, it is more about the heart of the person than the practice or belief itself. That is why I let people get to know me for me first before I start to attach labels to myself.

I never hide it though. If I am asked a question directly I do answer it and I am, as you know a very visible member of this community and everyone in my personal life knows what I do for a living and that I am 100% obsessed with Tarot and am also a Witch.

Please note that I know that not all Tarot readers are Witches and not all Witches read the cards. It is just for me that conversation goes hand in hand since I’m both.

As I mentioned before every situation is different and it is up to every individual to decide if they ever want to share with people that they are into the Tarot. We are so fortunate to live in a time where we have the internet giving us the ability to connect with fellow Tarot lovers from all over the world. We are less isolated now and can be part of a community who loves the things that we do just as much as we do with some personal safety and space.

If you have had a shitty experience with coming out of the Tarot reader closet I want to give you a virtual hug. Please remember that you are not who other people say you are. You get to choose that. You are not alone.

Come and join the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group, or one of the many Tarot communities out there and see for yourself. There are THOUSANDS of us.

I would love to hear your thoughts on coming out of the Tarot readers closet and your experiences if you have decided to let the people in your life know about your love of Tarot. As always thank you for watching.

Until Next week...

2 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Tarot Reader Closet”

  1. The problem is that people still fear the Tarot for the Death and Tower cards as well as still holding onto it being evil. This is why I take flack from readers because I program my Death card never to reveal death of any living creature. I program my Tower card never to say someone’s home is on fire, about to be hit with lightening and not one is going to break in and throw the occupants out the windows. Yes this is a concern in case none of you have heard this asked. I have found that by telling people this is how I read, they are more open to letting me read for them. However I tell them right from the start. That if they are asking me if Aunt Besty’s gonna die and leave them her fortune, I am NOT the reader for them! I do not believe this is our place to say this since we are readers, not gods.
    Here is a tip I can give for people reading this but are not ready as of yet to be open. You can cover your deck boxes with material to suit the decor of the space you are going to leave them in. This way they just look like trinket boxes. Personally, I have my decks out in the open right by my front door so they can be seen. I have found it to be a fantastic talisman to rid me of people I wouldn’t want to be bothered with. Also, makes some people rather honest for some reason, looking at them. And should they recover upon entering my living room, my huge crystal ball and other good magical things are there in plain site too, to remind them. Honestly is the best policy. lol

  2. Thank you for calling out the moral issue of being a Tarot Reader. I have wondered where the negative association with Tarot began…..?? … it’s something that needs exploration.! (If I had the time, I would focus on the history of the negativity) Tarot reading for me is a fundamental exploration of self. Why it should be viewed as a negative, is beyond understanding. I AM is … why I am here. Are we not as a collective, wondering what part we play as an individual.?

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