Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey

Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey

Today, we're going to dive into part two of Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey. I'll show you the ways that you can incorporate the Tarot into your daily life and spiritual practices.

Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Today, we’re going to dive into part two of Daily Practices to Enhance Your Tarot Journey. If you haven’t seen part one, I highly recommend you check that out first before continuing.

The goal with your daily Tarot practices may be to learn and/or deepen your knowledge of the meanings of the cards, or it could be that you want to use the Tarot for contemplation. Whatever the reason may be, I think you’re going to love the practices I’m about to share.  Remember, as with everything that I share, simply take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Yearly Tarot Graph


Mark on your calendar what card you get in your daily draw. This practice can help you map out your whole year in tarot cards so you’ll be able to see overall themes and energies. Use your daily wall calendar, bullet journal, or planner to make a note of your daily cards and then map it out at the end of each month.

Tarot Paparazzi


Take a photo of a tarot card-inspired scene while you’re out and about. Did you see a face in a tree that reminded you of The Hierophant? Did you notice an Angel in an advertisement that looked like the angel in Judgement? Was someone at the bus stop wearing a Tarot t-shirt. Try and find the Tarot all around you.

Do Comparison Studies


Pick three tarot decks from your collection and compare the same card from each deck with your daily draws. Use just one deck for the daily draw, then find the same card in the other two decks and lay them out on either side. Reflect on the cards and what they may have to tell you. What do you notice that is the same in each of the cards? What is different in the cards? Which depiction is your favorite and why?

Let the Oracle guide you


For this practice, you’ll need both an oracle deck and a tarot deck. Start by picking an oracle card from any of your oracle decks. Then go through your Tarot deck in search of the Tarot card that feels the most like the Oracle card you picked. The card can be chosen based on the vibration or feel of the oracle card, the keywords, or the meaning. After that, you can also pick the card that feels the furthest away in meaning or opposing energy. Note all of your findings down in your Tarot journal as it will help you get in touch with the many layers of each tarot card.

Study, My Young Padawan


Pick a Tarot book that you have been meaning to read and read one chapter a day while taking notes in a dedicated notebook. Once you finish the book, you’ll have all of your notes to look back on. This is a great way to retain new information.

Interview Your Tarot Cards


Interviewing your Tarot deck is popular, but interviewing your cards can be just as fun. Grab the tarot card that you have chosen, a notebook, and a pen. Enter into a semi meditative state and then softly focus on the card. Ask the card to allow you to be open to its wisdom, then focus on the card and ask it some questions. Suggested questions are:

  • What can I learn from you?
  • How can I embrace you in my spiritual journey?
  • Is there anything I need to heal with you?

Write down whatever answers you get from the card. If you know how to automatically write or channel, do this. Don’t go over and over what you have written; allow the words to just flow. Once you have finished the session, you can then look at what has been written. If you are not a writer, you can always draw or paint whatever you get.

Make Your Own Collage Deck


Pick a Tarot card; you can start with The Fool or even pick a card intuitively and use that as your inspiration. Cut out pictures from magazines or use sticker books that you’re hoarding. Use paper scraps, packaging, and anything you can get your hands on. If collaging is not your thing, you can always paint, get crafty with mixed media or even embroidery and sew! This exercise may take longer than a quick journal, but even if you do this once a week, you stretch your creative muscles and learn through creativity.

These are just some examples of how you can use the Tarot in your everyday practice. How do you use the Tarot? Do you have any specific rituals or favorite ways to utilize this awesome tool? I would love to hear from you all.

Until Next week...

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