Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

I created a Fear Releasing Tarot Spread to see why the HECK was up with my subconscious and wanted to share it with you all.
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Are you stuck and not sure why?

There are times in life when we get ourselves stuck. When we are unsure of what to do next. Usually there is a fear that we have deep down that is keeping us for moving forward or doing what we have to do. Even if we know it is for our benefit.

I myself have been on the fear train a bit about putting myself out there. As an extrovert you would think that would come easy to me but I am also a perfectionist so if it is not PERFECT and by perfect I mean impossible to obtain perfection kind of perfect I usually don’t do it. Which is completely counter productive.

So I created a Fear Releasing Tarot Spread to see why the HECK was up with my subconscious and wanted to share it with you all.

The Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

1. Why am I afraid?

2. What can I do to confront my fear?

3. What can I do to release my fear?

4. What can I replace my fear with?

5. What is my next step forward?

My Reading

I got in the Tarot Reading Zone today and did the reading for myself. Some of the cards that I got weren’t a big surprise but others totally shocked me.

Especially the third position card. The Devil? Say what now!

1. Why am I afraid? – Nine of Wands – To me this calls for me to get over the fact that what I want to do may all be for naught. Having a self defeating attitude before I begin is really going to cramp my mojo and get me exactly NO WHERE.

2. What can I do to confront my fear? – Seven of Pentacles – Take stock and realise that I have come a long way already and while I still have a long way to go, as everything in life is a work in progress I have achieved a lot and to just keep taking one step at a time.

Fear Tarot Reading3. What can I do to release my fear? – The Devil – As someone pointed out to me years ago, the Devil backwards is Lived. Maybe I need to enjoy life a little more and stop getting on my own back about my high to do list and my duties as a mother. Some self care maybe? Oh and maybe I need to stop with the retail therapy. 

4. What can I replace my fear with? – Seven of Cups – This speaks to me about manifesting through creative visualisations and day dreams. Not only that, I need to be aware of where my energy is going and what thoughts I am entertaining. I have the power to choose my reality. 

5. What is my next step forward? – King of Pentacles – Work with the King of Pentacles energy and archetype. He is the successful businessman and is also disciplined and practical. A good reminder to ground myself if I am ever feeling like the fear is crawling back.

So that was my reading. I would love to see how this works for you all.



Tarot Deck Used: The Mini Rider Waite Tarot

Until Next week...

7 thoughts on “Fear Releasing Tarot Spread”

  1. REALLY helpful! My spread: 1) World, reversed 2) Ace of Swords, reversed 3) Sun 4) Seven of Wands 5) Three of Wands, reversed. Yowzers! Basically I have no idea why the relationship ended, no idea where we stand, and no clue what happened. But I need to clarify for myself what I expected out of the relationship. There was always a discrepancy between my wants and my needs. I know I bring a lot to relationships. I bring the SUNSHINE!! So I need to accept that not every relationship will succeed (obviously) and stand my ground so as to not fall for the “I’m sorry, let’s try again” shallow regret routine. Instead I need to find someone who is actually available and accessible. Right on!

  2. Claire Foster

    Found this just when I needed it! I got:

    1. King of Winter
    2. Prince of Spring
    3. Princess of Spring
    4. Princess of Summer
    5. King of Summer

    I was shocked to pull all court cards! I interpreted this message as saying, due to my upcoming internship and a lot of other things since I’ve just finished my first year of college, I’m feeling less than capable of handling it all. I fear coming across as unprofessional to others and not being smart enough or experienced enough to do well, so I’m very afraid of making mistakes. But rather than focusing on what can go wrong, I need to take action and start getting involved instead of lingering over what can go wrong. I need to trust in myself and pursue my passions, and confront my fear with compassion and understanding for myself instead. I can’t let my fear of mistakes stop me from going after my goals, and the more I try, the more I may prove my inner critic wrong and show myself that I can handle these things.

    Thank you so much, this was super helpful to me!

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