Having Healthy Boundaries with Your Tarot Reading Clients

Having Healthy Boundaries with Your Tarot Reading Clients

Some tips for having healthy boundaries as a Professional Tarot Reader.


I am a firm believer in Boundaries. Having them and keeping them.

Professional boundaries are so important and I have been guilty of letting them get a little blurry at times. To run a successful business you need them. All businesses have them. Your business is no different. Whether you are a Tarot reader or make magical potions.

I have gathered together some tips for having healthy boundaries as a Professional Tarot Reader. This can be applied to all energy workers or people who work for themselves.

When you let your potential Clients know what they are going to get in a Reading from you and when you give them more confidence. The unknown elements disappear. Again this is all personal reflection as always take what resonates with you and leave the rest.


Set Your Boundaries Outright

It is a lot harder to set boundaries when you have allowed people to have access to you all the time. So no matter if you take one or all of these tips my number one tip is to set your boundaries at the beginning.

Have a Routine. A Work Time. A Play Time

Have your contact or ‘office’ hours on your website and keep them. Once you start sliding down that all hours contactable person rabbit hole it is hard to go back.

Let your Clients know when they are going to hear from you and stick to it, or update them if you are running late.

Take Holidays

This can be super hard when you run your own business and I find it hard to do this still but you need it or you will burn out.

I’m on the Clock

Using a timer with your Readings. It reminds your Client that you have a timed engagement and gives a clear ending time. If there is more that you need to share you can of course go over or you can get your Client to book another reading.

Separate your Work and Life

Have separate social media accounts, phones or phone numbers, email addresses, bank and financial accounts. It makes it so much clearer for you.

Your Tarot Code

This is where you let your potential Clients know what your Tarot ethics and reading boundaries are.

You can show that your code of practice which outlines what kind of Tarot readings you offer

  • Are you okay reading about a third party?
  • What about reading the Tarot for teenagers and children? (with their parents permission of course)
  • What kind of readings are completely out of question?

Your code of Tarot which outlines what you believe the Tarot can and cannot do

  • Are you a Tarot reader who will predict the future?
  • Are you a Tarot reader who is more of a coach and spiritual mentor?
  • Is the Tarot a healing or divination tool or both?

These are a few things that you can consider for your business and website.

Spiritual Business Coach

Until Next week...

9 thoughts on “Having Healthy Boundaries with Your Tarot Reading Clients”

  1. Excellent tips! I would also add having clear energetic boundaries as well. I’m finding this video in perfect timing for starting my business. Keep them coming. 😉

  2. You are a beautiful soul Ethony!
    A big thank you for your inspirational hardwork Reading your work ignited the spark in me once again!

    So much love and light to you

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