How to Buy Your First Tarot Deck

I want ALL of the Decks!I see this question a lot on my various social media accounts. People who are new to the Tarot asking the community what is the best way to go about getting their very first Tarot deck. Which is great. The Tarot community is inclusive and really supportive.

So being a member of the community this weeks Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Cafe episode is my tips and advice for those who are in the market for their first Tarot deck or even their second or twentieth.

Check out the video and all of the links for the video are below.

The only thing to really remember is that YOU need to connect with the deck. Art is subjective. We are all drawn to different styles and mediums. What really works for me may not work for many other people at all.

While I learnt with the Rider Waite Smith deck and now also teach with that deck I didn’t use the original Rider-Waite Smith in practice, I used the Spiral Tarot which is based on the Rider-Waite Smith deck. I found the RWS very hard to engage with when I started. I now use it all the time as a regular go-to deck in my readings but I didn’t at the start.

Website Recommendations

My favourite Tarot website which has a wonderful forum is Aeclectic Tarot it is such a great site with wonderful card previews which is invaluable if you don’t have a local store that has sample decks.

Amazon is really good for the fact that they suggest decks for you and there are also always reviews.

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